Cutting the Cable TV Cord

According to a recent ​​​​​​​​​​report by SNL Kagan​​​​​​​​​​, 12 million households, roughly 10% of cable viewers, are ​ ​expected to "cut the cable TV cord" (cancel cable, satellite or telco video service) by 2015. (We will review this in Dec 2015). These ​ ​people are called "cord cutters" and this website is a resource of information for those that would like ​ ​to become one.​ For a quick start program see our 3 steps outlined below. Click the button below to register with Cord Cutter Guide and get occasional cord cutter tips and updates via email.

Step 1: Get an Antenna

Broadcast content , e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX is still free in major urban areas. Even though most of us have stopped watching that way the quality of an OTA (over the air) digital TV signal is generally better than that of cable or satellite. Learm more about choosing an antenna.

Step 2: Getting Internet Content

Video content over the internet is sometimes free, sometimes cheap. The number one source of this content today is still Netflix but things are changing rapidly and there are many sources of online content. Learn more about getting online TV content.

Step 3: Cancel Cable or Satellite

I suggest you get everything in place and try it for a while. Only then make the call to your provider and cancel that expensive multi-channel plan. Remember you'll need to KEEP your broadband service to get Netflix and other over the top content. Read why people become cord cutters.