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Why ABC is not Streaming the 2012 Oscars: Social Media

>If you google this topic you’ll find several phony sites claiming to offer live streams. But  the real thing is not available from the Oscar’s official site.Why not you ask? Well I’ll posit one reason. ABC is one of the … Continue reading

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Streaming MSG and Jeremy Lin

The real story here is  what was Time Warner Cable thinking not to resolve their issue immediately. It appears that Governor Cuomo himself had to get invovled. With the Knicks’ Jeremy Lin becoming a global star, fans are getting downright … Continue reading

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Streaming the Grammys

For those looking to watch the Grammy’s on line here is the link. It is indeed a very sad day,  now that it will now be mostly a tribute to Whitney Houston.

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Roku agrees: Don’t buy a “smart” TV

Well Kind of. In this interview with Roku’ s CEO Anthony Wood, he comments that TV’s with built in Hulu, Netflix, etc won’t be able to keep up with ever changing content and services, and will drive people to want … Continue reading

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Cutting the Cord on your Car’s Radio with Pandora

When I listen to FM radio in my car the large number of commercials per hour is a huge annoyance. One way around this is satellite radio, aka Sirius.  But Sirius requires you to purchase additional equipment and pay a … Continue reading

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Free Online Streaming SuperBowl 46

As I write this I am stunned to see the streaming site still up and running. The screen shot below is  from NFL Network Gameday Morning, streaming live. This is very surprising following the recent news of the massive … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Bust: ICE and NFL Working Together

Well, it looks like my little theory about the FEDS and the NFL forming a team was correct. Last time the news  was about the shut down of illegal streaming sites. Today the story is the shutdown of  more than … Continue reading

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Feds shut down sports streaming sites, by why now?

So news breaks today bout the big arrest of one web operator in Michigan running 16 illegal sports streaming websites. I agree this is illegal and it’s stealing. What I wonder is why just now, just before Superbowl XLVI.  It suggests … Continue reading

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