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Streaming the 2014 Super Bowl: No Problem for (most) Cord Cutters

Unlike  some other high profile TV events ( e.g. Oscars, Olympics) streaming the 2014 (XLVIII )  Super Bowl is not an issue – FOX will offer it freely. But why is FOX being so generous, and not requiring our cable … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality and the Cord Cutter

The recent court decision against Net Neutrality got me thinking about something reader/blogger Len suggested just recently:  don’t use a Cable provider for your broadband. If this decision sticks than we definitely need to consider that advice. If the telecoms can selectively … Continue reading

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Tell us YOUR Cord Cutter Story

Now we’d like our readers to share their  own cord cutter stories. To do so cut and paste the headings below into the comment section and write your answers (in non-caps) below each heading.    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN … Continue reading

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NFL Divisional Playoffs no problem for Cord Cutters

This is much shorter than my usual post because I’m taking off the weekend to play golf and watch football. Just a quick note or two on the playoffs.  There are no cord cutting challenges here – everything is  on … Continue reading

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Watching the Golf Channel without Cable: Cord Cutter Ethics

Although it has nowhere near the audience of the NFL, readers of this blog do indicate they want or miss the Golf  Channel. This weekend’s Hundai Tournament does have some streaming options, but accessing them without a cable subscription might … Continue reading

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