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Comcast to Divest 3.9 Million Clients: But from Where?

>Just breaking on Bloomberg: Comcast to Divest 3.9 Million Clients to Enable Merger. We knew this was happening, but still no word which cities get orphaned.   Update 4-29-14:  We are starting to see what the new cable operator will look … Continue reading

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A Cord Cutter’s Dream: What happens if Aereo wins in the Supreme Court?

On April 22nd, American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc. will be heard in the Supreme Court and if Aereo should prevail all hell will break loose. Aereo offers a service that takes all the local broadcast channels and streams them … Continue reading

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The Golf Channel, the Masters and the Cord Cutter

I was getting ready to slam the Golf Channel again for making the Masters hard to stream. After all they still require cable credentials to access the live stream. But in the case of the Masters tournament that restriction doesn’t … Continue reading

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Mohu Channels Kickstarter Campaign

Based on a tip from frequent Cord Cutter Guide contributor Len, I am pledging $79 toward Mohu’s Kickstarter campaign. For that I will receive the Mohu Channels product when it ships in June.  The Mohu product promises to do  something … Continue reading

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Breaking: Comcast announces A la Carte Plan

PHILADELPHIA PA In an early morning press conference Comcast unveiled a new cable plan that will allow the consumer to pick and choose exactly which channels they want . Expected to go online by the end of the month, the … Continue reading

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