Access HD 1080D Disappoints


So far with my cut the cable project, the one big pain has been this piece of hardware. At both TV locations, the first channel, channel 6 (CW) disappears from the line-up just about every day. To recover I have to do a full channel scan which takes maybe 8 minutes. In retrospect I noticed that Walmart people many people gave this a good review (5 stars)  but on Amazon, out of 96 reviews 44 gave it 1 star. That’s 46%!

Another hassle is it goes into standby mode by default after 4 hours. Turning it on takes maybe another 10 seconds reminiscent of the old days of TV’s that used vacuum tubes. In any case I’ll be replacing both of these boxes eventually.

I’ll buy a DVR with a built in tuner in one room and probably upgrade  to the channel master CM-7000 converter in the other.

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