Amazon Shakes Things Up with Kindle Fire: The Mobile Cordcutter


Amazon announced their Kindle Fire today amidst major publicity. The biggest part of the story is this tablet costs only $199. And because Amazon has earned such a stellar reputation with their regular Kindle, this trusted brand might give Apple’s iPad some competition.

First thing I wanted to know is  can we cord cutters use it? Well we can. Amazon already has a streaming service called Amazon Instant Video that offers movies and TV shows on mostly a pay per view basis. This looks like a  smaller library but it is a good start.

In my last post I pointed out how Dish was missing the boat  on the Netflix backlash. Amazon’s timing couldn’t be better. No doubt they’ll have thousands of these devices out in the public by Christmas 2011. These are walking advertising portals for everything Amazon. And if Amazon chooses to expand in the video streaming direction all these walking advertisers (you and me) will be getting the word out.

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