Apple iTV: I have a dream


More stories are starting to emerge about Apple’s “next big thing”, a product called iTV. And when considering Apple’s brilliance in recent years with the iPhone and iPad, the talk of any new iSomething gets deserved attention. So what exactly is an iTV and what can it do? According to this recent article at  BGR  there are two possibilities:

1. A more advanced Apple TV set top box.

2. An actual HDTV set with new features.

An updated Apple TV set top can hardly be “the next big thing” and if we believe this story from the LA Times actual televisions are now in the prototype phase.

But what will it do?  Unlike the iPhone we can’t hope some Apple engineer will accidentally leave one behind in a bay area bar. We can only speculate and that is the fun part.

I can imagine a narrative in which iTV does take over the TV world and here’s how it goes:

Take all the best features of the cord cutter’s tool box and bundle them into one easy to use TV. Make it one beautiful to look at object, almost art. Maybe only two buttons, and one connector. No remote control of course, your iPhone or iPad will serve that function. Does NOT work with Cable or Satellite. Apple will be your paid content provider.


Receives both OTA and OTT content
DVR in the cloud
A la carte channel subscriptions
Easy to use

The Challenge

Cord cutters are well aware of the challenge and that is content. The industry is holding on for dear life to the channel bundle.  That is why I’m guessing (suggesting) one way for Apple to really be the next big thing is to disrupt this model. Maybe, just maybe, Apple will get enough interest in their new TV to force content providers to offer channels  A la carte.

Of course I really have no idea at all if any of this will happen. It’s just a dream.


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6 Responses to Apple iTV: I have a dream

  1. bob says:

    The main problem is sports, that’s why most people keep their cable and satellite subscriptions. FAVE TV now offers OTT with a lot of sports channels, NBA TV, NBCSportsnet, CBSsports, MLB network among others. And the head of Roku predicts they will be offering OTT stripped down cable packages soon. Whether it will be ala carte is to be seen, but something is and already is happening. Even Rodu’s private channel, Nowhere TV is now offering Weaher Nation in hd streaming live, as well as the Pentagon channel and Bloomberg TV. Slowly but surely it’s happening.

    • Greg says:

      Sports for us sports fans yes. But there are other issues. Some people like following The Voice in real time, or The Housewives of whatever.

      Thanks for the tips on FAVE and update on ROKU. I will check those out.

      Happy Holidays Bob!

  2. Augustine says:

    Indeed, if we can learn a lesson from the Napster episode is that consumer and innovation will be hold as hostages by companies whose business model is obsolete. Perhaps now as then Apple will play a role in unleashing innovation for the benefit of consumers.

    • Greg says:

      Thanks Augustine are you a cord cutter?. And BTW I love the look of your blog.

      • Augustine says:

        Why, thank you!

        Yes, I am a cord-cutter. After over a year mulling about it, I cut the cord a few months ago. So far there have been no regrets. While initially I missed some programs, possibly to the horror of media companies, I actually realized that the time used to watch them can be used to other things, from watching movies to reading books. And saving over $1000 a year!

  3. len says:

    I’m much more interested in FAVE than iTV. I had no idea such a service existed. I’m not sure I’d want to pay $30/month for what they offer, but this is an interesting development.

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