Best Replacement Remote: The DirecTV RC-65


This is NOT an article endorsing DirecTV which as cord cutters we severed long ago, but in praise of a particular remote control, the RC-65.

During test periods I have actually taken service from all four providers available here: TWC, Dish, U-Verse and DirecTV.  Each had their pros and cons but one thing I came away with was DirecTV makes a damn good remote control. So much so that it’s the only one I use as a replacement when originals inevitably get lost or broken.

The RC-65 just had a lot of advanatages:

BIG so it doesn’t get lost
Least confusing button layout – others make a mess of this
Functions as a universal remote , up to 4 devices
Nice feel in your hands
Solid rubberized controls that don’t stick
Online support for programming
Uses 2 AA batteries  (not more expensive AAA) and lasts a long time
Doesn’t lose it’s memory if batteries are taken out
CHEAP!  (Can be found for under $10)

The last point is key.  Go to Target or Walmart and sure  you can find some 3rd party “universal remote”, but it is nowhere as solid as the RC-65  and it might cost about the same. And won’t have on-line help either.

My own RC-65

I assume these were mass produced by DirecTV in such quantities that the supply is just huge. I’m also guessing that DirecTV was smart enough to make a solid device so that they wouldn’t be inundated by returns and customer service calls.

So next time your remote dies don’t by that RCA or Logitech junk. Take advantage of DirecTV’s mass marketing and engineering and get yourself the RC-65.


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