Best Streaming Package for the Golf Channel


Since I know this site attracts cord cutters that like golf I thought this topic should be covered. Although not strictly “cord cutting”, the various new streaming bundles are cheaper than a full blown Cable subscription. If the Golf Channel is your priority, which is the best choice ? I’ll consider DirecTV Now, Sling, and Sony’s VUE.

Courtesy Golf Channel

Courtesy Golf Channel

Then after answering the golf question I’ll look at the rest of the details. Call it cord cutting analysis for  the golf-centric consumer.

According to this piece on CNET the Golf Channel is available on all three with some type of add on as follows:


AT&T DirecTV NOW  Go Big

IF you can get AT&T’s intro pricing this is only $35/month. Thereafter it can go to $60 per month.  I’ve never been a fan of anything AT&T because of customer service nightmares. Still, if you can sign up online and not have to deal with a real person maybe this works.

What else you get/don’t get: 

100+ channels
No DVR function yet.
No CBS who is apparently holding out from the service.


Sling: Sports Extra, BLUE

So if I read this right that’s Sling Blue ($25) + Sports Extra ($10) for a grand total of $35. A tie with AT&T above.


What else you get/don’t get: 

43 “live channels”.
Multiple streams. (not available on the cheaper Orange)


PlayStation Vue: Core Slim

Even though it’s “Core” this one starts at $34.99 which represents a recent price reduction probably to compete with Sling and AT&T.

What else you get/don’t get: 

60+ Channels.
Vue actually does have Cloud DVR and is also CNET’s top pick in general.
NoViacom (in case you must have the Comedy Channel).



Since we have a price tie I’d pick Vue with it’s DVR functionality. Although I’d expect DirecTV Now and Sling must have one in the works now.

Keep an eye on Google,who should be announcing their own skinny bundle streaming service someday soon.


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