Breaking Bad and the Cord Cutter


Looking for a respite from my recent NFL topics I recently took note of AMC’s huge hit Breaking Bad. Call me a late adopter on these kind of things. Five seasons have gone by before I noticed this  show when several of my twitter contacts started raving about it.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, courtesy AMC Networks

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, courtesy AMC Networks

AMC is a true cable channel so watching over the air is not an option. Fortunately Breaking Bad is cord cutter and OTT (over the top) friendly.

To begin with Netflix has all five seasons available to stream.  That’s the best place to play catch up. If you need the current season, you can purchase individual episodes at Amazon for $1.99 each.

What about getting free episodes from our old standby, Hulu? A quick check over there advises that This video is available at Checking on AMC’s site shows mostly a few clips and at least one full episode.

Hulu Plus? After sifting through this sites atrocious content index it would appear that Breaking Bad is not available. Hulu Plus really seems awful these days.

Use Netflix to catch up on past seasons and use Amazon for recent episodes. Perhaps subscribing to both Netflix and Amazon Prime (total cost of $174.88) per year is not a bad plan.

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4 Responses to Breaking Bad and the Cord Cutter

  1. Len Mullen says:

    Breaking Bad is the best written series ever to grace the small screen. When I watched my first episode I dismissed the serial as an exercise in gratuitous violence. I decided to take another look after reading a very positive review. I’m glad I did.

    The writers are excellent. The foreshadowing is sneaky. Everything is a surprise, but nothing is implausible. The characters are completely developed — yet somehow totally unpredictable. In Breaking Bad, you don’t feel bad rooting for the bad guys.

    There is a lot of violence. And suspense. The characters are totally flawed but relentlessly redeem themselves. I watched through the end of the fourth season (Face Off) on Netflix. Face Off was the last episode of the series. Season five is kind of an epilogue. Breaking Bad really lends itself to the ondemand format. You really want to queue each episode in quick succession so your pulse does no have a chance to settle down.

    I’ll watch season five this winter when I have a snowy weekend to relax in front of the boob tube. You should too!

    • Greg says:

      Thanks Len for your review. At this point I’m still on season 1, episode 2. I agree about the on demand format. I think Netflix has purposely put some of their own shows out all at once (e.g. Orange is the New Black ) so they could be watched in rapid sequence.

  2. Pam says:

    I found Season 1 of Breaking Bad on DVD at my local library. Unless you live in a very small town, your library should have a large collection of CDs and DVDs available for you to check out. When I lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana I was unemployed and could not afford to buy new music, so I put in requests for the library to buy my favorite CDs and they did! And some are now offering online content via the Overdrive program and application.

    The only drawbacks to checking out physical DVDs are:
    1.) You usually have to request/reserve the DVDs you want, and may have to wait anywhere from a week to over a month for them to come in
    2.) There is a time limit, since you are borrowing the DVDs (usually a week or two before they are overdue and you have to pay a tiny fine, like 5 or 10 cents per day)
    3.) Most DVDs have minor scratches. Occasionally I will get a movie or TV program with such a deep scratch that the player can’t play it. If cleaning doesn’t work, I return it and request a different copy. (I also tell the librarians that the item is damaged — they want to know that so they can replace it.)

    So if you own a home and pay property taxes, go ahead and take advantage of your local library! You are paying for it, after all.


    • Greg says:

      That is a really really good suggestion. When cord cutting was first observed many thought it was largely related to the recession. That wasn’t entirely true but for some it was pure economy. Borrowing DVD’s from the library seems like a bit more trouble but you can’t argue with FREE!

      Keep in touch.


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