Cable fights back

I hadn’t noticed this story about “TV Essentials” originally since the test markets were all back east. It appears to have been a success for TWC and is really significant for consumers. For whatever reason people cut the cable TV cord, TWC is attempting to bring them back with a slimmed down line-up, sans ESPN.

Maybe  this is the first step in what I predict will eventually emerge – an everything a la cart and on demand. But the economics may prevent that from happening soon.  Note this excellent piece on the Virtual MSO on Gigaom, which points out basically that content costs too much to support an OTT version of a cable company.

All this seems to point to a more fundamental issue of lack of real competition. Note that the price of music came down when it was eventually unbundled from the LP/CD. It’s just a matter of time before that happens in video entertainment – we hope!

Photo: Sean MacEntee Flickr

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