Chargers vs Bengals Blackout: Streaming Options

Update 1:53 pm PT Link 1  and link 2 are working….

If you really want to alienate your fan base just combine these two things:

1. A losing season.

2. Blackout the local games.

I agree with the sentiments of  UT San Diego’s Tom Krasovic  that  the Blackout looks bad for Chargers, not just because of San Diego’s 5-6  record, but because it appears that the ownership might be a tad on the greedy side.

If you really want to watch this game you’ll know from previous posts that there are really only two practical options:

1. Buy a ticket. (I hear the prices are plummeting).

2. What I call sketchy online sites.  Chargers you gave us little choice.

Unfortunately these online sites are very poor quality. You might prefer the radio. But in any case here is what I see at the moment.

Screen capture of online sports streaming site.

Screen capture of online sports streaming site – hours before the NFL game starts.

Front Row will eventually take you to a page  listing multiple links for  Cincinnati Bengals vs San Diego Chargers as well as other games (which are not blacked out).  At the moment, about 5 hours before kick-off,  I see only one link, and as you can see in the above screen capture this is not American football. Sometimes these links show other events prior to the advertised game.

Chargers Bengals Online Streams:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3 (tbd)


If you have any of your own please comment and I will add them.


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5 Responses to Chargers vs Bengals Blackout: Streaming Options

  1. Len Mullen says:

    Woot is selling the Simple DVRs for $90 this morning. Someone posted looking for ‘blackout buddies’ — people who would share their local stream with out of market or blacked out fans. This is brilliant. I don’t think it is illegal since no money is changing hands.

  2. Greg says:

    I’ve wondered about that myself. If you are at your folks for the holidays I guess you can tune into your own Sling box right?

    Where did you see this post?

  3. Len Mullen says:

    Hope you caught the chargers tonight.

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