Comcast to Divest 3.9 Million Clients: But from Where?


Just breaking on Bloomberg: Comcast to Divest 3.9 Million Clients to Enable Merger.

We knew this was happening, but still no word which cities get orphaned.


Update 4-29-14:  We are starting to see what the new cable operator will look like. Somewhat a surprise is that Hawaii stays with Comcast/TWC. Maybe the execs want a place to escape. Somewhat predicted, KC also stays.


“Charter would pick up Time Warner Cable customers in Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana and parts of Alabama.

Comcast, Charter reach $20-billion deal, would swap customers in L.A.


Atop all that, Comcast and Charter plan to spin off a new firm—dubbed SpinCo, for now—into a publicly traded cable operator with 2.5 million customers from Comcast’s former system, concentrated mainly in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Minnesota. Among the larger cities moving to the new company will be Birmingham, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Comcast Makes a Big Show of Shedding Cable-TV Subscribers





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