Congratulations "CJACK" you win the Kindle FIre


Thanks to all of our contestants for your great responses. Cjack, our judges thought your response was the most creative and one judge even said your style reminds her of her favorite author.  (Cjack, please follow me on twitter and send a direct message with your mailing address and email.) The original text of your entry folllows:

cjack said…

I remember reading an Economist article from a few years back. It was about the “new nomads.” The article used a wonderful sequence of metaphors to describe evolutions in technology. First are the astronauts. These are the people who are tethered to their technology. I picture my tower system, monitor, and printer. I cannot take that behemoth to the coffee shop when I need to use it. Next are the hermit crabs. They are a bit more portable. I can take my laptop from my office to my home, but I’m still somewhat limited by networks, cables, and cords. Finally are the nomads. Travelers no longer need large briefcases, wires, etc. Instead, one just needs a pda or tablet to navigate life and work. I hope to soon leap into this Bedouin-esque existence, and a Kindle fire seems like a great way to start. It doesn’t have the pricetag of the iPad, the monthly fees of the droid phone, or the uncertainty of lesser known tablets. It is a disruptive innovator that does what I’d need it to do (internet, email, apps, and, of course, reading!) without the price barrier of the iPad. It is a low-risk entry into a wireless/cordless new world. I’m happy to have found your blog and hope that it starts my path towards this new nomadic life.


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  2. GNS says:

    Still waiting for Cjack to contact us…

  3. cjack says:

    I can't believe I won – there were so many great and deserving entries! I just followed you on twitter, but cannot message you unless you are also following me: @ethanasullivan. Thanks!

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