Cord Cutter Guide to the 2013 CES Consumer Electronics Show


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of  biggest trade shows of the year and traditionally the place where many new innovative consumer devices, including cord cutter devices have been revealed. We put together a list of some of the must sees , and some of the surprising no shows.



Proud maker of the Kindle Fire. Amazon has what it takes to rival Netflix and Apple.  A must see.


photo: matze_ott flickr

CES booth babes: Courtesy matze_ott flickr


Not so surprisingly Apple and Apple TV will NOT be at CES. Apple has  done their own events for years. We’ll miss the legendary Steve Jobs at the next one.



Another no show. With all the publicity Aereo received last year maybe they don’t need this.

UPDATE: Perhaps they had no booth but they did take advantage of CES to drop a bombshell, see below.



Hello Boxee? You launched in Walmart this year but didn’t have time to attend I guess. Perhaps the problems with Boxee returns at Walmart mean there is some redesign in the works.



A must see. Intel is rumored to have some knew kind of break through set top box that will make Intel a “Virtual Cable MSO”.


               Intel: Booth LVCC, Central Hall – 7252



 TV Manufacturers

Expect a big splash form these two. Maybe get some good tchotchkes and talk to a couple of the booth babes.  If you can find one of their product engineers ask for a demo of their latest smart TV features.  Is it really better than adding a Roku to a dumb TV?




Yes our favorite OTT box will be here. Perhaps not on the floor but at three separate hospitality suites in the LV Hilton.  Pas the shrimp and I’ll take a Heineken please?



Yet another surprising no show considering how Simple.TV was big news at CES 2012. I know Simple.TV has some bugs to work out. Perhaps we’ll see them again in 2014.


And Much More

Trade shows can be challenging to navigate, especially whey there are thousands of exhibitors. But for a start I’d check out a list of those that fall into Roku’s category of

Category Search “Entertainment/Content > Entertainment/Content”

Good luck, have fun and let us  know what you think we left out in the comments below.

PS: I’ll post updates to any particularly cord cutter related news (or in some cases the “anti-cord cutter news” below:



Time Warner Cable to stream 300 cable networks through Roku devices



AT&T offers video-on-demand service to discourage cord cutting


Aereo is Expanding to 22 New Cities This Spring





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6 Responses to Cord Cutter Guide to the 2013 CES Consumer Electronics Show

  1. len says:

    I bet you never heard of the CEDIA Expo. They held a show in the Fall that introduced a new antenna — the DB8e. This antenna allows a pair of DB4e to be oriented individually providing a wider beam. It is supposed to have better gain than the 91XG in my attic which was an upgrade over the venerable DB8.

    • Greg says:

      No I haven’t Len. Where is CEDIA held?

      Back in the day I was a ham (amateur radio operator), and attended “ham-fests” where people got excited about new antennas and such. Good memories.

      • len says:

        Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association
        CEDIA EXPO 2013
        Sep 25–8 2013|Denver, CO|Colorado Convention Center

        Home automation, high end home theater, etc.

        I’m not a fan, but stumbled across the show researching antennas.

  2. Augustine says:

    WRT smart TVs, I have to say that Roku might face fierce competition from them.

    My daughter got a smart Samsung BlueRay player, which costs virtually the same as the “dumb” one and I was pleased with apps installed and the ones available for it.

    For sure, the top apps in Roku were there too, but, overall, it seemed to me that more vendors bothered to develop an app for Samsung because it was for Samsung, and not some upcoming company which is not synonymous with electronics.

    Let’s face it, to some extent, some Roku apps are akin to community channels on cable: any yahoo can have one. Or perhaps it’s just the price of being a bold pioneer.

    Regardless, I think that as more players embrace content streaming and more service providers release their own apps, the cord-cutter scene is bound for many changes in the near future. Hopefully, as usual, for the better.

    • Greg says:

      I think you’re characterization of “community channels” is interesting and correct. Some of these like the CHOW channel are fun to watch but not enough content to get you hooked.

  3. gonzo90017 says:

    Interested to see what intel has up it’s sleeve. Sezmi tried to do something similiar a while ago. But having to lease OTA ilproved to be too costly. If they would’ve streamed the channels i’m sure they would’ve faired better.

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