A Better Cheaper Wireless Router

Like a lot of guys I’m the unofficial “IT Dept” in the house. So when the printer doesn’t work, or the internet goes down complaints come in to me. My piece of crap Netgear router was a constant source of trouble. It had to be power cycled sometimes multiple times in a day.

I did some research on Amazon and found the best selling  router was this TP Link model WR841N. It is also very highly rated with over 3000 reviews. I was very skeptical since it was so cheap. But having little to lose I bought one and ended up throwing away the Netgear.


This cheap little router has been solid and almost never needs to be reset. I had a couple issues in the first few months but after updating the software to the latest no problems at all.  So check for updates as soon as you install it.

I also added this extender TP Link model WA850 which worked well for filling in the weak spots at the opposite end of the house.

Some other tips:
1. Put the “Cloudcheck” app on your smart phone so you can test your WiFi signal around the house.

2. Learn how to log-in to your router and extender to check status. The router will usually end up on the internal IP address The extender in my case is but the last 3 digits vary depending on other devices in your home.


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