Cord Cutters vs Cord Nevers


The term “Cord Nevers” recently emerged as a separate demographic of young people doing without Cable TV. I’ve noticed this myself before I knew the term. College kids are basically wired in to the internet. Rather than buy a TV for the dorm and share a cable plan they’ll watch Hulu, Netflix, YouTube.

A recent report by Credit Suisse raises the fear for operators that younger generations will form households that never purchase a cable plan because they’ve learned to get along  just fine without one.

(Photo by HJL on Flickr)

Cord Cutters on the other hand are people that choose to cancel Cable TV. These divide into two classes:

1. Those that cut it because they prefer the cable alternative of over the air and over the top.
2. Those that cut it for purely economic reasons , related to our current recession.

Strictly speaking, the industry thinks only type 2 is a cord cutter, and they view him/her as a hobbyist tehchy type, not a huge growing concern. Type 1 is merely broke and will come back when the job scene gets better.

But the real threat might be the Cord Nevers. These are the future. And if new generations don’t order up a channel plan then….. well you can see what’s next.

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