About Cord Cutter Guide

How it all started
Back in the old days of 2011,when the “cord cutter” term was barely known, I started this blog to document how to convert from a satellite system (Dish) to a free antenna system.  ROKU was just starting out and some of the other streamers (remember Boxee ?) have since gone to the big  consumer electronic graveyard in the sky.

I kept following the industry and have been adding content ever since. As I write this in late 2016, it’s not clear if the “cord cutter” movement will stick around, or if the Cable industry will simply morph into something more civil, with low straight forward pricing. Certainly at this moment it does seem as if the big players are coming to grips with the idea of streaming on demand at least.

Stay tuned….


BIO information
Family man and just nerdy enough to keep up with this stuff. Originally from Detroit I moved to Southern California for school (EE) , got married and stayed here.

Grew up in the era when phones were still dialed and we didn’t know what the internet was. My first computer classes were on second generation Apple machines. Pascal anyone?

In my spare time I enjoy swimming, walking and playing golf. Besides nerdy techy stuff I’m a total news/political junkie. Huge fan of the (under-rated)  podcast format.

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