Cutting the Cord on your Car’s Radio with Pandora


When I listen to FM radio in my car the large number of commercials per hour is a huge annoyance. One way around this is satellite radio, aka Sirius.  But Sirius requires you to purchase additional equipment and pay a monthly fee of at least $14.49 per month. I contend that Sirius Radio’s days are numbered and here is why.

Pandora: John William Waterhouse

I have an iPhone and use Sprint as my carrier, because Sprint offers unlimited data. One of the best apps for the iPhone is Pandora. Pandora is a great invention that allows you to create your own custom stations by entering the name of a song or artist. Then Pandora will stream songs that fit closely into the genre of that same song or artist. Commercials? Yes, but they are so minimal. The Pandora people are smart enough to serve up something like one short commercial every 10 songs or so. I wish FM radio could be more like this. And for something like $3 per month you can get a premium subscription and eliminate all commercials.

Which gets me back to my original point. I realized I’m already paying for the Sprint plan and using Pandora. Why not port it to the car?  I have and it works great. If you have a newer model car radio  it probably has an auxiliary  input. If you have an old beater like my 98 Ford Ranger, well then you probably have a cassette player than can be outfitted with a cheap cassette to line-in converter, a must have for anyone using an iPod or an iPhone in their car.

Pandora has it’s limits. You’ll need to have good cell phone coverage, and after so many hours they will cut you off without an upgrade. But so far this experiment is a total success. And Pandora can’t get to feisty, because I haven’t even mentioned Spotify.  Stay “tuned”….



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