DirecTV to Free Tv – Illustrated Plans


This weekend was a big one. I completed my conversion project from paid DirecTV to free TV. For those interested I’ll review the steps here.
1. Replace the DirecTV dish antenna with the HD antenna.
2. Rewire the Coax cables – replacing DirecTV mixer with conventional RF splitters.
3. Install the digital converters and do a channel scan.

The biggest task was to install my new HD antenna. Turns out the easy way to do this is by using the existing DirecTV hardware as the base for the new antenna. I removed the dish antenna then flipped the mounting arm around 180deg to better accommodate the shape of the HD antenna. See before and after pictures below.



My own home is a 2 TV home. DirecTV runs their antenna to a “mixer” that distributes the signals to all the TV’s. For the cable connections its mainly a matter of replacing the DirecTV mixer with a more conventional RF splitter. These cost a couple bucks or if you’re like me you have them available from old Cable TV installations. I made a basic sketch of my connections before and after below. Please comment if you’ve done this yourself or have any questions.

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2 Responses to DirecTV to Free Tv – Illustrated Plans

  1. Richard Baldwin says:

    Great idea!! So were you out of contract with DirecTV or did you pay an ETF? Also, what brand antenna did you use?

    Thanks for the tips.

  2. GNS says:

    Richard, I painfully waited for the 2 year contract to end. I think I installed the outdoor antenna just before it ended so I'd have some overlap in case my setup didn't work perfectly at first.

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