Duck Dynasty and the Cord Cutter


Update 12-21-13:  Controversial statements by Phil Robertson puts future of Duck Dynasty on A&E in question.


Why Duck Dynasty? I was curious to see which top rated shows the cord cutter could miss in 2013.  USA Today recently published the top 20 Nielsen rated shows for Sep 2-8.  The list is an interesting insight in to the viewing preferences of America. Football really takes over in September.

But other than a few  NFL games which shows are not free over the air?  Number one on that subset is  A&E’s Duck Dynasty. A&E Is a true cable channel with no over the air broadcast. Cable channels and “reality shows” like Duck Dynasty are another way cable MSO’s try to hold on to their  subscribers.

Courtesy A&E

Courtesy A&E

For cable only channels like A&E the cord cutter must rely on  OTT (over the top) methods of viewing. And there are a several options:

Duck Dynasty is currently on season 4. The premier was August 14, 2013, and that show is already available from Amazon. Even the latest episode, September 11 “Termite Be A Problem” is released.

Individual episodes cost $2.99 each and assuming  13 episodes are made, season 4 will cost you a total of $38.87.  Or if you don’t mind a substantial delay you can pre-order the entire season for much less and watch when it becomes available.

iTunes also carries episodes and entire seasons at the same or nearly the same pricing.

At the time of this post a few  full episodes were available on on A&E’s own website. Hulu has 5 episodes  from the current season including the latest one.

Netflix comes up empty on this one, but they do have the classic Duck Soup by the Marx brothers!

I plan on tuning in for an episode or two. I’m not sure I like the show (I find most “reality shows” get boring)  but I am intrigued by the original story:  The Robertson family became wealthy by making duck calls .  Quack quack.

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    • Greg says:

      Thanks Bob, but wasn’t this article a bit flimsy? Why would Disney, owner of ESPN, want to “Crush Cable”, when they (Disney) are the ones profiting from all those fees paid by the cable operators/subs? This Travis guy that writes for Motley Fool seems to be a bit of a drama queen LOL.

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