Free Online Streaming SuperBowl 46

As I write this I am stunned to see the streaming site still up and running. The screen shot below is  from NFL Network Gameday Morning, streaming live. This is very surprising following the recent news of the massive shutdown of streaming and merchandise sites by ICE.  The exact site Wiziwig is redirecting me to is


As I’ve pointed out, for most of us the Superbowl is completely free anyway, being broadcast by NBC. But mobile access is a different story. Verizon has an exclusive deal to broadcast it on their network via the NFL Mobile app. This might be a fun way to watch, but also rather expensive since Verizon doesn’t offer unlimited data plans.  That’s the reason I prefer Sprint – unlimited data.

Just for fun I’ll load up this site on my iPhone at game time and report what I find later. Go New England!


Update and some observations:
Note that this year not only is the broadcast free over the air as usual, but NBC itself  is streaming it online and yes for free. In view of all this free access why the big kerfuffle about shutting down the bootleg sites? One reason: advertising and control of advertising.

If I were to stream my own version of the game, no doubt I’d be running some sleazy ppc campaign on the side.  The NFL can righly argue that is money stolen of their content.

And with mobile being the big thing this year, that is NOT going to be free as noted. True NBC is giving the streaming away online, ON YOUR LAPTOP. But check the requirements “the Super Bowl Extra player requires the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight etc” . I think this pretty much means that it won’t run on the iPOD, iPAD,  Android etc.

Anyway, if your looking for the official online stream, go here.




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