Getting NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming without DirecTV

photo courtesy Anthony Quintano Flickr

photo courtesy Anthony Quintano Flickr

One of my most popular posts last year discussed how to get NFL Sunday Ticket by buying the Madden video game and a Chromecast. Looking back at it, $99 to get NFL Sunday Ticket was an incredible deal and no wonder the game quickly sold out. Unfortunately for cord cutters there will be no repeat of the Madden NFL Sunday Ticket bundle this year.

DirecTV is however, introducing a streaming service called NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV.

The new service does offer a streaming version but note these new nit picky eligibility rules:

“… if you live in a select apartment building where DIRECTV service is not available, attend one of these universities, or live in one of the following metro areas: New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco.”

What’s different? That phrase “select apartment building” among other things. With the Madden deal the restrictions merely stated something about living where the DirecTV satellite signal was not available. That could have been your house. This time they look a bit more serious about the restrictions.

not elig

I experimented with the Check your eligibility  page. I put in my real name and address to start and got the rejection banner shown here. Then I thought I’d be clever and claim to be a college student. Whoa – they actually run your name and birthday through a service that checks student ID’s!

OK, so I try another idea – a phony name  but an actual address for an apartment building down the street. Success!  “Congratulations, you’re eligible! Choose your package” appears on the next screen.

Next I am  taken to the checkout page to both pay and setup my online account. So clearly it is still possible to loophole your way around the new restrictions. If you are uncomfortable with all this subterfuge, perhaps you purchase the service for a friend that really lives in an apartment building , goes to college, or even lives in San Francisco.  But then your friend doesn’t have time to watch and gifts his account to you. I’m guessing that would be perfectly legal.

Better ideas? Let me know in the comments below…

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2 Responses to Getting NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming without DirecTV

  1. gonzo says:

    Los Angeles, CA, Apartment building. Although I can receive DirecTV I still appear as eligible. But I wont be ordering it. Way too expensive. There are 4 free games OTA every Sunday, 8 free OTA Thursday Night games on CBS, plus the Monday Night games through WatchESPN. (fixing cable paying relatives pc’s for free no more!)

    • Greg says:

      Everything about NFL , aside from free OTA games, is expensive. Ever attended a game? Good luck staying below $150 with tickets, parking and miscellaneous. So $199 for all the out of market games isn’t THAT bad is it?

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