Getting Online TV

Finding TV content online is easy today with lots of competition in this emerging field. Here are a few of the  biggest online content providers:

Netflix Streaming: 33 Million Subscribers Worldwide (March 2013)
At $7.99 per month Netflix is still one of the most popular and cord cutting options out there. The biggest critique is that the content is old. Older TV shows, and older movies. Much of Netflix huge movie library is not available streaming due to content licensing issues.  Learn more about getting Netflix.

Amazon Prime: 10 Million Members (March 2013)
Amazon prime has a Netlfix like service that offers movies and TV shows. For $79 per year you get unlimited streaming as well as free 2 day shipping.  I’ve found many movie titles that are missing on Netflix to be available on Amazon. Go here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

Hulu Plus: 4 Million +  Subscribers  (April 2013)
Also at $7.99 per month Hulu plus remedies the issue of older content by providing full episodes of current TV shows. I suspect the reason subscription growth is slow is that Hulu free provides much of the same content.  To encourage paid subscriptions, only Hulu Plus is available on popular cord cutter platforms like Roku, gaming platforms, and internet enabled TV’s. One work around is to connect your PC directly to your television.

Hulu Free: Unknown But Probably a Lot more than Hulu Plus Subscribers
With a little bit of work you’ll soon discover the paradox of Hulu Free/Plus. The free version actually has more content. The major catch? You can’t (easily) get Hulu Free on your TV screen with a Roku.


Connecting your PC to your TV directly
This is a brute force method. Awkward but powerful. Some of the issues involve having to use your keyboard instead of using a remote.  Learn more about connecting a PC to your TV.