Gifts for the Cord Cutter

Thinking about cutting the cord in 2013? Our first annual gift guide starting with the most basic things needed. I personally shun the idea of black Friday and waiting out in the cold for some retailer to open. Saving a few bucks is just not worth it to me. Save these purchases for cyber Monday.

(Full disclosure: We are an Amazon affiliate. But you can find these items at many online locations)

1. The Antenna

Here is the model I use, the Antennas Direct DB2, a  good basic antenna that is small and easy to setup.

2. The Roku Box.

You’ll need these to get Netflix , Hulu Plus and many other on demand options. I suggest the Roku 2 XD.

Photo: Huge Cool on Flickr

3. Netflix.

If you don’t already have it, sign up for their $7.99 streaming package.

4. Hulu Plus.

An alternative to Netflix so you can watch the latest shows from Cable. I consider this a nice add-on. Get Hulu Plus.


Being able to record free broadcasts restores some of the convenience of the Cable experience. I have not tried this model but it’s predecessor was highly rated by cord cutter Len  and the updated  Channel Master CM7400 get’s a 3 star on Amazon.


Happy Holidays from the Cord Cutter Guide.


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2 Responses to Gifts for the Cord Cutter

  1. len mullen says:

    It’s difficult to buy gifts for a cord cutter. I think it’s our nature to be difficult to thrill — just ask comcast! I’d never buy an antenna for someone, but if I did, it’d definately be a DB8. The DB8 is the consumate starter antenna. It doesn’t take much room and does a good job pulling in nearby UHF and VHF channels with a very wide beam and good reception on three sides.

    I love the Roku and the SMP-N200, but I’d never give either as a gift. Internet TV is not yet mainstream and most people will not joyfully embrace one of these. If you gift a blu-ray player that upconverts standard DVDs, your friend will get something familiar. If it supports DLNA, online streaming services, and, you may be luring your friend onto the internet TV super highway.

    My favorite Roku is the XS because it has a usb port for playing media off an attached usb device. I also like the Roku LT + Playon.TV lifetime subscription for $70 deal.

    I’ve been pondering a DVR for an OTA friend who does not have an internet connection. The DTVPal/DVR (CM7000) would be perfect if I could get a new one. The CM7400 ($400) might be overkill, but it’s a good choice — great choice for internet connected OTA’ers. TIVO is much more expensive when you include a lifetime subscription ($600), and required an analog phone or internet connection, but would probably be the most appreciated gift.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Greg says:

      I totally see your point. The recipient almost has to be cord cutter ready to make the Roku a good gift. But Netflix is simple. And how about this idea. A gift certificate that includes both the antenna and the hook-up?

      Happy Cord Cutter Holidays!

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