Grammy’s 2013: No Live Stream

It appears that this year’s Grammy’s WON’T be live streamed. Not the official broadcast anyway. Again we’ll have  supplementary online content. This includes content  from the  Pre-show and the red carpet.

The official website for Grammy’s content is .

Note that these supplemental streams are live, and have the same spoiler effect as social media and internet news. If you’re watching on the west coast you’ll get the information 3 hours earlier online. At this moment (6:39pm PST)  the  show hasn’t started, yet I can say congratulations  Kelly Clarkson on your win. Of course the irony is that we in California are in the same time zone as the actual live event.  But the network will delay it.

Why can the Superbowl be streamed, but not the Grammy’s nor the Oscars?  I have my theories as discussed in this post on the 64th  Emmy Awards and this one about the 2012 Superbowl. If you have your own ideas please share in the comments.


screen capture from “Red Carpet” stream














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2 Responses to Grammy’s 2013: No Live Stream

  1. Bob says:

    Filmon will have it, make a free account and you can watch the major networks online.

  2. Greg says:

    Filmon? Is that another new one Bob?

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