Happy Groundhog Day Cord Cutters – oh yeah there’s also a game on.

I know that today is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY  but let’s not forget today is also Groundhog Day. One of my earliest posts was on the topic of Netflix and what is my favorite movie. Groundhog Day the movie turned 20 last year!

Groundhog Day courtesy Gilles Gonthier flickr

Groundhog Day courtesy Gilles Gonthier flickr

Alas, that movie has suffered the same fate as many in the Netflix streaming catalog. A quick search yields this message:

Groundhog Day is unavailable to stream This title is available on Netflix DVD.

No worries fore me I own a copy. But if you want to stream the movie  after the game you can still find Groundhog Day on Amazon Instant Video.

Happy Groundhog Day (and Go Denver).


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