Happy Thanksgiving Cord Cutters

Sorry I have been offline so long – very busy with the day job these days. Hoping to catch up in 2016….



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  1. Len Mullen says:

    Congratulations on being busy with a job! Happy Thanksgiving. I expected a BF guide for cord cutters. Let’s compile a list of suggestions for gifts for cord cutters and a list of Christmas programs available to cord cutters.

  2. Len Mullen says:

    Antennas: recommend uhf, vhf, and uhf/vhf directional and omnidirectional solutions for local and fringe reception.
    DVRs: TiVo vs DVR+; Bolt; Tablo?
    Streaming Services: Prime vs Netflix; Sling TV and Hulu; Apple and Sony.
    Streamers; Do we need 4k (or the current gen boxes that support it)? Roku vs Apple vs Fire TV vs Chromecast vs Nexus; Xbox One vs Sony PS4 as media centers.
    Broadcast Television: available networks; tvfool.com
    Budget Cable Offerings (TWC vs Comcast)
    Hihg Speed Internet Service Providers: list and rate (uncapped, unthrottled)
    CanIStreamIt.com: Sports
    The Dark Side: Kodi; Plex vs Playon

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