How to watch NFL black out games – legally (I think)

So there are bootleg streaming sites that come and go all the time. Lately I haven’t seen a single one of these. NFL police must be cracking down really hard.  Here is one way I contend (disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer) is a legal method.

But first you need to know what a Sling Box does. A Sling Box is designed to connect your personal TV to the internet. The idea is if you are on the road you can log into your account from anywhere and watch your own personal TV. What you can’t do is rebroadcast this and create a bootleg stream to sell or give away to to others not on the account.

Ok So here is my legal loophole. For sake of example I’m going to say we live in San Diego and want to watch the Chargers game that has been blacked out because not enough people want to see Chargers vs Vikings.

1. Rent a house in Yuma AZ just out of the blackout area.
2. Subscribe to Cable
3. Install a Sling Box in your rental.
4. Watch the games on you PC/TV over the sling box connection.

OK so this is one ridiculously expensive way.  That’s where the sticky legal questions get interesting. Say you sub-lease your rental to a local. They pay the rent and pay the cable bill. But the cable is still your account? Is this now OK? Seems to me you are still watching your cable TV on your account. Let me know if you have a different opinion.

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3 Responses to How to watch NFL black out games – legally (I think)

  1. Mooky Marou says:

    Why pay for cable? Get a friend in AZ that has an internet connection and connect Slingbox to an OTA antenna. The game is on the local channel,save some $$, buy your friend a beer, watch the game and everyone is happy.

  2. GNS says:

    Mooky, great comment. Depends on the game and market but you're right that often these are free over the air broadcasts. I'd think that would make sharing even less of a violation.

  3. bob says:

    The NFL and college football games will be under the "Other Sports" portal on

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