HuluPlus – Good for Cord Cutters? Or not so much.

There’s been a lot of HuluPlus bashing lately. Personally I use the free Hulu + Netflix because that’s all I need. And since both have commercials I was never enticed to try the pay version. In fact I seldom even bother with free Hulu anymore. Except I confess to catch up on the Daily Show.

When Hulu first emerged it was great. It seemed like you could watch the most recent programs  for 15 minutes straight before having to watch just a short interruption. Then the most recent episodes went over to HuluPlus. In the case of the Daily Show I mentioned today is Saturday and the most recent issue posted is last Thursday. But the commercials still aren’t too bad. But there has always been the underlying suspicion that the free Hulu will vanish entirely.

Now my mini survey for current cord cutters. Do you use Hulu,HuluPlus, or neither and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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17 Responses to HuluPlus – Good for Cord Cutters? Or not so much.

  1. gonzo90017 says:

    I don’t subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus but we do use Free Hulu about a couple of times a week.

    For the last couple of weeks i’ve been making the switch from Windows Media Center to MediaPortal (whole home DVR). Things haven’t gone as smooth as I hoped so free Hulu works sorta like my backup DVR (it’s already saved my butt more then once!)

    I use Hulu Desktop to watch the shows using a 10ft UI. They have a ton of shows (lots of Cartoons for the kids). I don’t mind the commercials. What people have to understand is that if there are no commercials there is no Hulu!

    • Greg says:

      Backup DVR, good comment. Does the Media Portal provide an easy interface to record OTA shows?

      • gonzo90017 says:

        Yes it does. I personally use the Avalon skin. MayaHD skin is also pretty good. The only issues is that MediaPortal does have a bit of a learning curve.

        If only Windows Media Center would allow Pc’s to be used as extenders it would be almost perfect. For anyone new to PC DVRs I would recommend Windows Media Center.

  2. John says:

    I’ve been a cord cutter for a few years & have a free Hulu acct & subscribe to Netflix DVD + streaming. I’m 61YO & single. Truth is I rarely watch Hulu as I can get much of what I want on Netflix free of ads. Commercial TV shows don’t hold much interest for me anymore. I find I watch a lot of TWiT TV, Justin TV, & Youtube instead. And I watch a lot of Netflix DVD’s since much of what Netflix offers is unavailable on Netflix streaming.

  3. Ryan says:

    I’ve been a Hulu Plus user for years – the main reason being that I watch on my Roku and Xbox 360. Even though the laptop and TV are usually 10 feet away from each other I hate having to manually hook them together with a HDMI cable.

  4. len mullen says:

    It’s been two years since I cut the cable. We are at the fringe, but get very good OTA and that is mostly what we watch. I’ve accumulated five DTVPal DVRs which I feel are the best value in OTA at this time. We have Netflix, a couple Rokus, and four SMP-N200s. Netflix may go away. I’ve never really been impressed with Hulu. Never tried HuluPlus. Use an OOMA hub for a landline (fax). It’s all good. I mostly plow the savings into new toys, media, and infrastructure. Right now, I’m thinking about adding a Simple to my infrastructure so that I can get more OTA channels.

  5. Dwayne Adams says:

    I have been a Cord Cutter for over a year. I like Hulu Plus. It is a great place to get a consistent stream for most of the shows that we like. It is my first choice for watching my new shows. It is great on the Roku. I actually purchased the Roku just to watch Hulu Plus since it is not available on my Boxee. It is worth the 7.99 since most shows are posted pretty quickly.

    • Greg says:

      Thanks Dwayne. $7.99 is not a bad price. I’m concerned about the future of Hulu Plus however. There were rumors you’d have to be a cable sub to get it.

  6. Bob says:

    I’ve had it with Huluplus on Roku, many shows are unavailable on Roku but can be watched on your pc. I’m getting rid of it and connecting my laptop to the tv, it’s absolutely ridiculous that certain shows aren’t available to stream to devices other than a pc.

  7. len says:

    Hi, Bob. I’m not a Roku deciple either. I wouldn’t own a Roku if I didn’t have Playon. With Playon, you can use Hulu which will cost you $0. You can get Playon for $40 right now and it comes with a 30 day money back.

    If you only have one tv, then go for the pc solution. If you are looking for a multiple set solution, look at Playon.

    If you are a laptop user, see if you can load WIDI drivers. Newer Intel laptops can. That way you can stream directly to your TV (though, now probable through a WIDI receiver).

  8. len says:

    First step is to make sure your laptop supports WIDI. It it’s an intel chipset, it probably does even if it didn’t come with the drivers. Just go to the intel drivers site and get all available updates. If you machine supports WIDI, the drivers should be offered to you.

    Then search for Push2TV and carefully read reviews and descriptions. Google promising candidates. Good luck!

  9. Bob says:

    My living room is small, just run an hdmi cable to the laptop by my side and then put it away when through, just watched 2 episodes of Burn Notice which I couldn’t watch on the Roku. The video quality is very good. How stupid is it that you can watch more shows for free on your laptop than with Huluplus connected to the Roku?

  10. len says:

    Right now everyone is trying to figure out who they are competing with. For instance, you cannot mention Playon on the Roku boards, but Playon is selling Rokus with their service. Sometimes Hulu has more programming than HuluPlus.

    We’re early adotpers and have to accept the turmoil.

    The hdmi cable is fine as long as you can manage foot traffic through the room.You will be bummin’ if you break the hdmi out of either device. Use a long cable.

    • Greg says:

      Early adopters is an understatement. Techies and gadgeteers are paving the way for an easier day. Laptop to TV via HDMI is awkward but it works.

  11. Bob says:

    I actually use the Warpia wireless cursor with a netbook I have hooked up in the garage to a monitor for when I’m working out down there, it’s great, once you start the pc you can do just about anything wirelessly, I could bring it upstairs and use it there also, but living alone has it’s advantages, no foot traffic for anyone to trip over the hdmi cable.

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