Hypocrisy of Cable Corp Merges with CableWorld | DIRECTV Commercial


Have you seen this? It’s kind of funny, not hugely so. But the message is so extremely hypocritical I couldn’t let it go unchallenged.

So apparently “Cable Corp” and “Cable World” are supposed to be Charter and Time Warner Cable. We only know for sure because at the end of the spot the Cable World guy says it’s “going to be fun , firing everyone.”

So what’s the problem? While it’s true that Charter is in the process of acquiring Time Warner Cable, did someone forget to tell this ad agency that AT&T recently acquired DirectTV?  And that  merger gives AT&T “26 million TV subscribers, making it the largest pay TV company in the country” .

The Charter/TWC deal by comparison will end up with 23 million customers.

The mocking nature of the ad is somewhat insider humor. One of the Cable Corp (TWC) guys talks about how bad Cable World (Charter) is: “that company stinks…. I used to work there”. In reality, in the small world of Cable you will find employees that have worked for several of the companies throughout their career. And some come away with opinions about one company being less well run than the other.

But back to  messaging here : Charter/TWC will be just a bigger less competent company and you should “get rid of Cable…switch to DirecTV”. 

DirecTV and Charter are essentially the same things – PayTV companies. That one uses coax cables and the other uses satellite dishes is of little consequence – unless you need internet. In that case DirecTV is going to somehow merge their satellite service with AT&T’s U-verse to give you both video and data. Based on my experience that customer service experience is going to be messy if not downright nightmare-ish.

But now I’m getting too technical. My main point:

DirecTV you are also a Cable/PayTV company and you just completed a major merger so your silly ad is huge hypocrisy.

While researching this post i discovered that Comcast (their TWC deal  collapsed) had put out their own ad mocking AT&T/DirectTV. And their message is actually accurate, and funny:

The Moment No One’s Been Waiting For


Have you experienced the new DirecTV? Share your thoughts below:

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