It’s Official: Yes there is NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

After all the angst and ambiguity on this topic I feel obligated to wrap it up with one last (maybe) post. So the product managers at  DirecTV thought they were clever by postponing their official announcement until late into the NFL preseason.  Why? The best theory I have heard is that delaying the PS3 option maximizes full DirecTV subscriptions prior to the season.

So why you might ask, should DirecTV even offer Sunday Ticket without a subscription?  Again i don’t have proof, but many have said there is an obligation in the DirecTV/NFL  contract to provide access for those who can’t get DirecTV. And there are many such cases. Apartment and condo dwellers are often not allowed to install a dish antenna.  Buildings and trees can also block your “line of sight” to the satellite.

Photo: SD Dirk on Flickr

So where are we now? On August 29th official news finally broke on the Playstation Blog that NFL Sunday Ticket was returning to the PS3.  That’s 12 days later than the announcement  in 2011.  Note the specific language on the PS3 blog about “viewers who do not currently have access to DIRECTV” again seemingly limiting it to those constrained by line of sight issues. But based on this Consumerist article and others I’m sure that’s easy to get around.

There is also an online option that allows you to get Sunday Ticket without a PS3. This allows you to watch it on your laptop or mobile device. The catch here is you’ll be watching on a smaller screen and probably need to figure out for yourself how to port that over to your TV.

In summary, football fans, here are all the ways to get NFL Sunday Ticket.

With DirecTV Service:*

With a new  2 year DirecTV Contract: Free

With existing DirecTV service: $199.95

NFL Max (TV + Online): $299.95


Without DirecTV Service:

Online:  $250  

PS3  $299.95


* One final note. As the cord cutter guide, I’m  not suggesting you sign up for DirecTV, but I did want to show complete price comparisons. My personal choice would be the online package. Let us know your own choice in the comments below.



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13 Responses to It’s Official: Yes there is NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

  1. John Vondracek says:

    Fantastic, thanks so much for the update. Quick question… Does anyone know if the online only sunday ticket ie: NOT the ps3 version) can be ported out of, say an iPad, onto the television? I only ask because other services (like HBO GO, for example) did NOT allow that feature for some time (although it does now, i believe) any clarification would be great. I would love to not have to buy a ps3… And i already have an ipad… Just dont want to sit around it to watch a football game…;)

    • admin says:

      I don’t know about the iPad. I think the most certain way to get NFL Sunday Ticket online to your large screen is going to be the old fashioned way with an HDMI cable between a PC and a TV.

      • John Vondracek says:

        Yeah, i’ll probably pick up a cable, like you suggested. I tried it last night from ipad (there is a little confirmation video with peyton manning, that goofball) confirming your purchase… And that video, when streamed from ipad to tv, only played AUDIO (ie:no picture, only black screen) this is exactly what hbo go did, for some time. Oh well, i’ll bring my laptop into the living room, and run a cable out as a second monitor… I presume that will work

  2. Michael says:

    If you subscribe to the PS3 version it looks like you get the Red Zone as well. Are you able to watch on other mobile devices as well with this subscription such as the iPhone, iPad etc…?

    • John Vondracek says:

      I could be wrong, but i do not think so. I think you get mobile devices/ internet, OR the ps3 (and therefore on your big livingroom screen)… I do not believe that with one subscription, you will get the best of both worlds. If anyone else knows for sure though, please chime in!

  3. Robert says:

    Its september 4th and I can not find a way to download the app on my playstation!!! Please help!!

  4. Gabe says:

    So I spoke to DTV and they offer a refund as late as sept 24. Anyone know if the PS3 version will offer refund period? In case I get one and sucks I can still switch and try the other.

  5. Jake says:

    HAHA you were fucking wrong.

  6. anonymous says:

    Watching NFL Sunday ticket ps3, outstanding HD quality, takes 2-3 seconds to connect to other games, not one bad moment but I do have fios quantum 150mps Internet speed so that might make a difference, but I’m satisfied

  7. Brian says:

    Can two people use the same login for the mobile version?

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