March Madness and the Cord Cutter

If you are a true NCAA basketball fanatic and a cord cutter know is the time to make friends with a cable subscriber. It turns out that  like so many other content sources  lately,  NCAA  basketball is stream friendly — just not cord cutter friendly.

Reading “March Madness Live to provide more than 150 hours of enhanced coverage” we learn that:

“Fans will have access to all games airing live on TNT, TBS and truTV by logging in with their TV service provider information, and all games broadcast on CBS with no registration required.” 

JMR_Photography Flickr

JMR_Photography Flickr

In a recent post I argued on ethical grounds,  against borrowing a password to access HBO GO. But that was before  I read in this blog post that  HBO’s CEO doesn’t care if you share your password! Well if HBO doesn’t care than go ahead and share away. The next time I want to watch the Golf Channel via HBO GO it will be with a friend’s password. Of course I’m extrapolating HBO’s position to the NCAA and to TNT, TBS and truTV for now. Stay tuned for updates on this password sharing controversy.

March Madness  starts Sunday March 16th.  Click here for a complete TV schedule.

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  1. I have been wanting to cut the cord… NCAA tournament time is cord cutter friendly but I’m afraid to make the cut… I wrote about March madness on my blog… I am a big fan of your blog,,, keep it up!

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