Merry Christmas Cord Cutters

We take this time to wish all of our readers and contributors a happy and healthy holiday with friends and family.

Dec 25, 2012


Christmas Graphics

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6 Responses to Merry Christmas Cord Cutters

  1. Bob says:

    Merry Christmas to you, love throwing those cords on the fire!

  2. len says:

    Well, Greg, my OTA was unaffected. My Plex server was unaffected. I actually did not know there was an outage until I looked at Drudge.

  3. len says:

    Merry Christmas, Greg. Been reading the postmortems on the Netflix outage. There was a lot of finger pointing, but no real data on the failure or likelihood that it will happen again or become common.

    Personally, I have always been skeptical about streaming HD content over the internet. If we have reached the saturation point, then the streamers have a problem.

    Amazon says the problem was with something called elastic load balancing services API at a Virginia center. (see history on Decent article on ELB at — seems like voodoo to me.

    A woman at MIT says we need to re-engineer the internet to fix this — push content closer to consumers with caches. I thought we did this and called these things content distribution networks.

    I’m sure Comcast and FIoS are working on new commercials as I tap out these words. Funny thing is that just a week earlier, this guy was writing about how switching to AWS removed all risk from CDN (

    just sayin…

    • Greg says:

      Very interesting Len

      Got to wonder if Christmas Eve brought millions more viewers looking for the ideal Christmas movie to stream, i.e. saturation as you say.

      AWS has all kinds of high profile high security corporate content on it as well. Some businesses are wary of it however fearing they don’t have control of what is in this cloud.

      I Hope they figure it out.

      Happy New Year

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