More on Free College Football Streaming – Go Wolverines

Thanks to some of my followers I am now realizing that ESPN is really a step toward a true on demand a la carte experience. All ESPN requires for live streaming is that you subscribe to a participating provider. You don’t need to pay for a cable line-up , just broadband internet service will do.

As I look through the list I see virtually every provider from Comcast, TWC, AT&T all the way down to mom and pop cable operators. The only thing I don’t see is DSL providers like Earthlink or DSL Extreme. So make sure you get your internet from one of these participating providers.

So it’s not exactly free. I’m paying about $35/month to TWC for my broadband service. But I’m still saving the $50/mo or so I’d normally pay for cable TV.

Here’s a screen shot of my home team Michigan currently leading against Purdue. Go Wolverines. And for more tips check out my main website

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  1. Dave says:

    NCA ESP and ESPN3 are all great websites for watching free sports. I built a full list of Sites You Need to Know About When Watching Internet TV. If your interested check it out at:

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