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With Linsanity still in swing, we’ve received many requests asking how the cord cutter can watch his beloved New York Knicks without a cable subscription. This issue strikes at the very heart of the biggest issue for us cutters – live sports.

So I did some research. There are two teams involved of course. For example today the New York Knicks play the Detroit Pistons at the gardens. Sometimes if one city doesn’t have a stream the opposing one will. I’ve certainly found this to be the case with finding live audio streams of the NCAA football games.

As an aside (and a measure of Linsanity) I wondered if I can still get tickets on the day of the game. A quick check on MSG’s site takes me over to Ticket master and I’m in luck! A pair of Pistons at Knicks tickets only sets me back $1051.40! Fugetaboutit.

Meanwhile back to the streaming quest. Does MSG offer any live streams? Nope. They do have lots of nice video content from past games though. And a cool video teaser  for tonight’s game, but that’s all.

What about the Motor City? Looks like Michiganders will have to tune into Fox Sports Detroit. Any live streams in Detroit? No, same deal. They also have old videos. Of course the news isn’t so happy there as Pistons are on a bit of a losing streak.

What about other third party sites that may be streaming? Caution! If you google the term Knicks streaming or the like you will get a ton of garbage sites, loaded with ads, and asking you to download malware. Danger stay away!

photo: teamstickergiant flickr

Well I hate to go here, but there is that old standby, Wiziwig. Yes they claim they’ll have it on. I don’t endorse this site I just report it.  It’s undoubetdly some off-share quasi-legal operation, probably with terrible quality and interruptions. But again I’m stunned it’s not yet shut down like others were. Yes, they claim they’ll have the game on tonight. Knicks fans, please tune in and let me know if it works for you.


Knicks vs Pistons, March 24 , 7:30pm ET

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