Netflix Hastings: Not interested in Cord Cutting Battle?

According to a recent article in Fierce Cable Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is not interested in competing with Cable and Satellite for subscribers. Apparently he sees Netflix as a complementary product.

My question to Hastings: Why the hell not dude? You have the  headstart with all those video subs streaming content? Remember that Cable TV started out as a simple extension of what was available on the air.  Early cable operators simply put up large antennas and using lots of coax cable and amplifiers made this shared antenna system available to their customers. Eventually it evolved to include hundreds of channels and Cable owned content.

The video world is moving toward a model that I believe will end up in everything on demand a la carte. I’d place my bets on Apple coming out with something close t o this. Though the “mythical” iTV is yet to emerge.

Whoever does win this game will be targeting the  whole subscriber aby providing all desired content  including  movies. Then goodbye Netflix.

Reed, be careful. Some of those 1.7M new subs you cite are simply on a 30 day free trial.



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