New Cord Cutter Aimed TV Stations Emerge

I first heard about this from a fellow passenger on Amtrak. The San Diego Union Tribune has launched their own TV station, called U-T TV,  which bills itself as San Diego’s only all day, all local, all platform live news station.

Screen capture from U-T T


At first look this seems to be super local. At the time of this writing I’m watching a show called “Prep Sports”  about high school quarterbacks . It streams perfectly without a glitch by the way. (Hear that DirecTV/PS3?) What I really like about U-T TV is the “all platform concept. This show is on the web, and cable and satellite. Another great feature is that it is more like a true TV station, with an always on live stream. Many other  web based stations today are collections of on demand programs, a la Hulu. I doubt U-T TV will get many views outside of San Diego but if the concept catches on we could see hundreds of new similar stations emerge.

Screen capture from The Fold


And in the same week we get word of  a somewhat similar new channel, The Fold , a nightly newscast designed for GoogleTV.  The Fold can be seen on the Washington Post website , on GoogleTV, or on Android devices with the PostTV app installed. The Fold claims to be “made for cord cutters”. If  cord cutters are the target audience a  Roku channel would have been a better choice  than Google/Android but perhaps that is coming.

The Fold is oriented toward  national political and economic stories and aims to be an alternate to the nightly newscast.In contrast  to U-T TV with their ambitious continuous live feed, the Fold falls into the pre-recorded on demand category

Screen capture from "earlessrabbit"


I’d like to see more of the U-T style channels, that have continuous live content. Perhaps somewhat in between is this channel called earlessrabbit from Charlottsville VA.  Not a lot of live content yet but they say “it’s  in the works”.  The earlessrabbit also offers high school football, along with local cooking , arts, music and more. The founders envision  it as  the “revival of local television”. What is interesting about this model is has no commercials whatsoever. Like the U-T station earlessrabbit  can be viewed across multiple platforms including your TV or smart phone.

I’m guessing there may be many more of these multi-platform stations going online now. If you know of any good ones please let us know in the comments below.

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