New Reason to be a Cord Cutter : Bloomberg TV and the Republican Debate


As if we needed another reason to cut the cord, the Cable operators have supplied us with one. I’m somewhat of a political/news junkie and follow podcasts like Slate’s Political Gabfest and NPR’s It’s All Politics Podcast to keep up. After hearing about the great entertainment value of Romney vs Perry etc I was looking forward to the October 11 Republican debate. So I texted a friend that has cable and asked her to DVR it.

She texted back. What channel is it? I went to the Bloomberg site and found the Bloomberg channel finder. So TWC San Diego channel 252 is Bloomberg. My friend didn’t get that channel. And from what I’ve heard most people don’t get Bloomberg on their lineup.Even Emily Bazelon at Slate commented on how she couldn’t get the channel.

There really was only one practical way to watch the debate: streaming on line from the Bloomberg or Washington Post sites and apparently only live. I’ve been looking for a link to a replay and haven’t found one. Strange that such a significant political event was treated as such a niche topic. If you find a link please comment below.

 UPDATE: Thanks to user Bob who points out it is available in a series on YouTube. See links below.

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  1. GNS says:

    Bob, thanks again. I would prefer one simple link to replay it, but as you mention YouTube covers it. Appears as a series of 15 minute clips at leas 7 of them. I'll post the links.

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