NFL on Roku? Not yet. Try Chromecast

It’s being widely reported now that Amazon has a deal on the Madden 25th edition for $99 with FREE NFL Sunday Ticket. Considering that the standard price for NFL Sunday Ticket is $224.95 this is a huge savings.

But wait –  that Amazon deal is for mobile only right? Sure but it’s getting even easier these days to port content from mobile to the big screen. How about combining the $35 Chromecast Google dongle with a dedicated laptop on Sundays?

I first learned about this deal from user “steelersule” in this RokuForums discussion. By the way don’t look for an official NFL Roku channel anytime soon.

I’ll be anxious to see if this works as well as my old standby method of simply connecting the PC to the TV.  But making it wireless is much more appealing than the HDMI cord running across the floor.

Not that wireless video streaming is new, (see Air-Play),  but Google’s Chromecast somehow seems cheap and easy. If it catches on widely maybe NFL will just give up on the old idea of mobile only streaming and just give us a Roku channel.

To recap here’s the formula:

Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition with NFL Sunday Ticket  *



Chromecast   $35 *


*Update 9-26-13:  In my original post Madden was $99. Then it sold out and only expensive copies were available on eBay. Now that football season is in full swing Madden game with the ticket is much reduced on eBay. Down to $150.

Madden 25 with NFL ticket on eBay

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10 Responses to NFL on Roku? Not yet. Try Chromecast

  1. Len Mullen says:

    As far as I can tell, at this time, tab casting only works on windows computers and sunday ticket does not work on windows computers. If that is correct, then the sunday ticket app would need to directly support chromecast.

    • Greg says:

      But this is the mobile version and it looks like it would as indicated by one of the FAQ’s:

      Can I watch NFL Sunday Ticket on my PS3 by purchasing the Anniversary Edition?

      No, this only provides access to NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

  2. Len Mullen says:

    Sounds like some will be pretty happy. I’m good with what comes in via my antenna.

  3. Len Mullen says:

    BEFORE we had cable, my team was routinely blacked out. I used to spin the antenna north and watch the games on a Maine station. As a bonus, we could point the antenna in another direction and pick up the Jets games.

  4. Greg says:

    Len, nice review of Chromecast (see link below). This little thing might make huge waves in the industry.

  5. MaxP says:

    Read the fine print. You can only get NFL ticket with the Madden promotion IF YOU CAN NOT receive a DirectTV connection.

    Madden NFL 25 — Unlock the power, precision, and creativity of the NFL ballcarrier. Whether you’re a slashing running-back, dual-threat QB, or ball-hawking safety, unleash 30 new moves and string together devastating combos with the all-new precision modifier.

    Exclusive Offers From DirecTV
    For fans who are not currently DirecTV subscribers but are able to receive DirecTV service, they will receive a promo code entitling them to $10 off per month for their first year of service and one year of NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.

    For fans who are already DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices using your current DirecTV username and password.

    For fans unable to receive DirecTV service, each Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition will include a unique code to access the 2013 regular season (17 weeks) of NFL Sunday Ticket on computers, tablets, and mobile devices- including access to the award-winning Red Zone Channel.

    Here’s an update from another site:
    [UPDATE] Under the current terms posted DTV has the right to reject access to the mobile service for anyone that has the ability to buy their full service but don’t have it and for those who are already subscribers but not to Sunday Ticket. Regardless of whether EA says that will or will not happen (they say it won’t) DTV is the one who will end up making the call come September. Unless the terms on the product page are changed there is risk in purchasing with the expectation of taking advantage of the Sunday Ticket deal. Considering DTV’s history of business practices, and the intentional language throughout the terms to give them these very clear outs, the Anniversary Edition can not be recommended at this time.

    [UPDATE #2] I’ve now called in and spoken to DirecTV representatives, as have others, and been told unless verification is made determining you are unable to get DTV service where you live (based on satellite positioning or living in an apartment building) you will not be granted access to the anything this deal offers. Again…buyer beware unless the language of the terms is altered.

    • Matt says:

      Well, they’re asking for it then, Max, because if you read a little further down, it says this …

      “Do I need a DirecTV subscription to access NFL Sunday Ticket?
      No, it’s not necessary to have a DirecTV subscription. Each Anniversary Edition includes a code that can be redeemed to access the full 2013 regular season (17 weeks) of NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices.”

    • Greg says:

      Thanks for the comment. I remember discussing the same topic last year. See:

      This seems like language designed to scare users into signing up. But how could it be enforced unless DirecTV is willing to do expensive site surveys?

      Who is to say my neighbor to the south doesn’t have a line of 30′ trees blocking my view to the satellite?


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