NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 on PS3? Not so much.

Update 9-1-12:  It’s official

To clarify what has been said by me om earlier posts, and to dispute what I’ve read elsewhere, there is ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATION, that NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on PS3 without a DirecTV subscription this year. Try as you might to find such an offer you will not.

photo: Matthew Straubmuller

Need proof?

Go to the DirecTV site and search on PS3 or playstation. Nada.

Go to the Playstation Network site and search on NFL. Nope.

It’s not clear to me if  even DirecTV subscribers can get the package on PS3. Yes it was offered this way in 2011  but maybe that business model didn’t work out. If the net was less cash flow to DirecTV that might explain the change.  If there are more changes I’ll post an update. Stay tuned.


Update 8-28-12:  DirecTV on twitter: yes it will be available. Thank you Matt Rowntree.

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316 Responses to NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 on PS3? Not so much.

  1. John Bones says:

    I, like you, have been researching this the past couple of weeks. It WILL be offered this year. In fact, a few months ago, ps3 was offering the Sunday ticket at a reduced price of $150.
    I actually called and spoke to a rep a couple of days ago. He insisted on me checking late this month or early next month. Not sure on price though.

    • admin says:

      I appreciate your feedback. I know about the reduced price thing but that is for DirecTV subscribers. If you can find any links to Sunday Ticket 2012 on PS3 at all that will be very helpful.

      Perhaps your rep wants you to call back because they have not decided yet.

      • Todd L says:

        I actually called DirecTV and Sony, both said it’ll be offered. I even asked DirecTV directly if I can cancel my DirecTV and get this and they said yes. They informed me of my costs each way, and then referred me to Sony’s site for it, as well as gave me the number to call Sony for questions regarding ordering.

        • kurtis says:

          And what you told them is a prime example of why they are going to shut it down!Your going to cancel your direct tv and go with ps3 which probably cost direct tv a couple hundred bucks!They will shut this down because of people like you!

          • Joe says:

            sniffle sniffle

          • Hokietrax says:

            Really? Are we obligated to prop up a dying business model that has only one thing going for it? DirecTV is swirling the drain, and as soon as the NFL can do so, it will drop them.

          • admin says:

            I doubt NFL is ready to “cut the cord” 🙂 with DirecTV. Both sides fear diluting the cash flow with new on demand streaming models.

          • Todd L says:

            Are you trying to tell me that I should pay loads of money when I don’t want anything except the football? I should pay more money, for less football, when all I want in the first place is football except they don’t offer it that way.

            People like me, yes, people like me that are fed up with “TV” services making me pay for 2000 channels, when alll I want is football, I do not use the rest.

            So yes, people like me, that only want football, will do what it takes to pay the least amount for the most football.

            Get over yourself.

          • todd says:

            kurtis direct tv want loose money they pick up people who have ps3 who do not want direct tv so direct tv is making money on this

      • dano0669 says:

        I also spoke to direct TV and playstation yesterday and both confirmed ps3 will have it….had no price or date yet….important thing is they will have it..

    • Evan says:

      I just went to the website to order, and got the same rude awakening. A chat box popped up, and a rep said the only way to get it on PS3 was to call in. They didn’t do that last year. The only reason they would do that (does this feel like a car dealership yet) is if they are about to give you the disappointing hard sell of having to get a DirectTV membership to get the Sunday Ticket. Plus, it looks like the price is higher, isn’t it? Now you have to pay more to get Red Zone, called Sunday Ticket Max.

      I haven’t called, because I guess I see the writing on the wall, and it’s probably just as expensive to go to the bar around the corner every Sunday. Maybe if my fantasy team is still in contention half way through, they will have a reduced rate for the rest of the season. Otherwise, I just get a gross feeling even enabling their business practices. Especially with how horrible the reception and service was last season. Certainly not worth the price.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m reading this because I just spent a half hour with a A T & T U-Verse rep (literally 2 hours ago as I type this) who of course is trying to get me to convert from DirecTV to their bundle. I’ve always been interested in that, but the NFL package has been the dealbreaker. When I asked him again, he told me I could get the package via a PS3 for $150. Is that not accurate?

    • John Bones says:

      The $150 deal was a Limited time offer sony gave PS3 customers a couple of months ago. That unfortunately is no longer available. I have heard that its going to be $199 when it gets released.

  3. Berg says:

    From what I understand PS3 will be offering the package but just like last year it won’t be announced until closer (mid august) to the season start date. DirecTV wants as many people as possible to think that in order to get the NFL ticket you have to dump cable and subscribe to DirecTV. As the season approaches they’ll announce the deal with Sony.

  4. Jake says:

    DTV is REQUIRED to offer an online only version of Sunday Ticket based on their last contract with the NFL.

    • Todd L says:

      It is NOT required to have DirecTV service, just as it wasn’t last year. If you watch the video on the site it shows that you select No to DirecTV service. DirecTV confirmed this on the phone with me that you do NOT have to have DirecTV service with using this option.

  5. anthony says:

    There has not been a lot of promotion about NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 on thePS3. In fact, I called DirecTV in early June 2012. Their customer service was unaware of any agreement with Sony. When I insisted they check, they put me on hold for a few minutes. They finally came back on the line and said yes, the NFL package is available on PS3 regardless of whether you have DirecTV satellite service or not.

    You purchase the NFL package through the Sony PS3 store which you access via the device. I was told that you do not contact DirecTV for PS3 service.

    Here is the most official website I can find indicating that NFL Sunday ticket will be available for 2012 on PS3

    • admin says:

      Very interesting Anthony. When I click the link above it takes me to another page that shows DirecTV is one of the features with this link

      Then that link takes me to where I need to log-in or create an account.I haven’t done that yet. The key question is really whether NFL Sunday Ticket is offered as a stand alone package on PS3 WITHOUT DirecTV. I’m not yet convinced. But I’ll be watching.

      • James says:

        I talked with DirectTV yesterday. They told me you have to be in a area that cannot recieve DTV to get it on the PS3 . Not sure if this is true or howe they would prove it also they said it will be available 1 Sep 12 as a app for 299.95

  6. bigdog says:

    I just spoke with PS3 customer support for about 1/2 an hour today. I was being a complete ass with them and stated i need some type of answer today, will you have the Direct ticket this year or not. Well after taking a long break and talking to his managment team he came back to me with this answer ” I’m not sure 100% as of right now, but they feel confident a deal will be worked out …for the 2012 season on ps3 network. What the price will be who knows..but it will not be announced till the end of August probaly allowing all the suckers i mean customers who want Direct TV to sign a 2 year contract…I will wait it out another month …keep fingers crossed will keep you guys posted..

    • admin says:

      Very interesting bigdog. I think the 2011 announcement was made mid August. Will they do the same in 2012? The theory of maximizing DirecTV sign-ups first makes sense. Kind of like waiting to sell all the stadium tickets before you announce you will broadcast. Do keep us posted.

  7. Derrick says:

    If you are savvy enough to setup a VPN (I got one last year for $25 or so), you can sign up for european game pass. It was $250 last year but included ALL games (no blackouts), red zone AND NFL network. Only catch is that you need to connect computer to tv if you want to watch on big screen. It’s cheaper this year and I plan on doing this over again this year.

    • admin says:

      Pretty clever Derrick. Almost worthy of an article by itself. Can you share more about setting up a VPN? Also is this a legal loop-hole?

      • Derrick says:

        It’s pretty simple. I’d be happy to write about it. You need an HTPC to really get it done well but if so, it works really well. Definitely a gray area but I don’t hide my credit card or billing address from the NFL so they know what’s up.

  8. Larry says:

    I had the NFL ticket last year 2011 on PS3. You could not order it until August when the set the price @ $350.00. You only could order the NFL Ticket on the PS3 not through PS# web site. My NFL Ticket Icon is still on my PS3 and I tried it yesterday it is still set up to order from but it give a message ther is no purchase available at this time please try but at a later date. I have also seen it will be available on PS3 for 199.00.

    • Berg says:


      Thanks for the info. Where did you see the pricing for ps3? I’m anxious to hear for certain whether or not Sony will get the rights to the Ticket this year.

  9. Mark says:

    I just spoke with Direct Tv, Playstation Network will be getting it again for 2012, but it is not available for purchase as of yet. Price will be $300

  10. Mengus says:

    I currently use a VPN make believe I am in Europe on my ps3. I was hoping the Sunday ticket option would work the same way with more games if it thought I was overseas. I will need to check out the European pass. Anyone have any input on this?

  11. John says:

    Here are the facts:
    1. NFL ST WILL be available this year(2012) on PS3. You will not “likely” be able to order it until the last week of August. Same as last year. No preseason games. Just forget it

    2. YOU DO NOT need to be a DirecTV subscriber to get it. YOU DO NOT need to live in an area where DirecTV is unavailable to you to get it. ANYONE can get this. There is a “rule” that is “supposed too” not allow people to get it who can get DirecTV. It is not enforced by DirecTV because it would cost them tons of money to investigate EVERYONE too see if they, in fact, can get DirecTV. Not “COST EFFCTIVE”, therefore, not enforced.

    The ONLY SPECULATION of this whole deal is this: THE COST. Will everyone get it for $199, or ONLY DirecTV customers get that price, while others, like myself, will be charged $300-$340(like last year). This is the great unknown,and will only be answered one month from now.

    • admin says:

      I’d like to see the first written proof of this. But i think you’re probably right.

    • Dave says:

      I heard the exact same thing from Direct TV during a phone conversation on 8/9/12. $339 was the price I think she quoted for non-DTV people.

  12. david says:

    Do they show the playoffs?

    • Berg says:

      No, they don’t need to. All playoff games are always covered and aired by major networks and available in every market.

  13. Fred says:

    I have been lookin all over the internet for some feedback. Great news. How was the quality of the viewing? Was it pretty reliable? I was hoping they would give me some type of free trial.

  14. Micky says:

    Free trail…forget about it


    I jsut go off the phone with Direct TV. hey informed that it will be available for about 199 soon.

    Was this regarding the PS3? or just the regular Directv package?

  17. J says:

    I am considering buying a PS3 for sunday ticket for when I’m not at the game with my season tickets. I was looking into things and you found that I could get sunday ticket on the go, which allows me to get it on my tablet or pc while I’m at the game and see redzone plays. The on the go is priced at 350 same as probably the PS3 version will be. The question is which one has better streaming?

  18. Scoobydiesel says:

    Just had DirectTV leave my place after being unable to find line of sight. My Property Management does not allow Installation or mounting of the Dish, so basically leaves me with no option other than hoping i can get NFL ST on my PS3, but that does suck not being able to stream on my iphone this year.

    Or will the PS3 version of ST still allow me to sign in on my iPhone app?

  19. RODENT says:

    just got off the phone with shawn tay at the ps3 network and she said we were good …149.99…and it starts sept6,…so get your popcorn ready boys !!!!

    • admin says:

      I’m impressed with how many of you are calling DirecTV and Sony. Yet, I’d still like to see an official announcement. Maybe we should call them, record the conversation and post it.

    • Football_Fan_1982 says:

      I hope you are right. I had directv here yesterday too. Funny; the guy walked in, walked to the deck and said nope. Pulled out his line of sight measurement device said nope. Then left. I called Playstation Network last night and they said “we have no information whatsoever right now on the NFL Sunday Ticket and it is safe to say as of right now we will not be carrying it. He apologized and directed me to DirecTV. They told me it would be available September 6th for the price of….ready for this…. $399.99. Unbelievable. So-just the heads up.

      • admin says:

        Really? I thought DireTV had dropped the price from $399.99. But look at it this way. The cheapest seat at Qualcomm stadium is $79 and that’s way way up in the bleachers.

      • Eddie says:

        So the people at Playstation Network said that the NFLST will not be available for the PS3, but the DirecTV people said it will?

  20. sapps_baeza says:

    how about if you have direct tv how much would it be. the reason i ask is…. can you get sunday ticket on your ps3 and take your ps3 to another house in another city and watch it there if that house dont have direct tv? someone please let me know how it works?

  21. S.U.G. says:

    thats weird!! cause I just spoke with Sony and they told me there is no news yet if they will sign another 1 year contract with dtv. They said that they signed a contract for 1 year last year and it expired. I even went up to a supervisor and they said they have no information on if ps3 will be picked up for 2012 and to keep checking the ps3 store or blogs for updates on if they do.

    I dnt have ps3 I have xbox but I am willing to buy one just to get the games cause dtv wanna charge me $200 for hd receivers, make me sign a 2 year contract, pay full price for programimg ($73) and pay $200 for the Sunday ticket!!

    I refuse to do business with dtv, ive been a customer off and on since 1998 and because I moved last year and didnt get the bill and was late paying it im screwed for any promotions so I am in need of this ps3 loop hole cause dtv is holding NFL games hostage!

    But Sony said they have no info and to go to during the next month to see if they sign another contrtact for 2012. So where are you getting your answers from? what number did you call so I can call.

    • admin says:

      I agree, this all looks very ambiguous. I might make a couple calls myself this weekend. I’m not sure why the CSR’s would be saying anything ahead of some official announcement on the web.

  22. Mike says:

    I just called Sony today and they had NO clue about the Sunday Ticket. Direct TV is awful and if I had to guess, it will not be available on PS3

    • admin says:

      Of course not. They probably had no idea how to get you to the right person. I think it’s part of the Play Station Network.

  23. Heather says:

    JusT spoke with Sony customer service who told me that the NFL ticket will not be offered this year as they had a falling out with direct tv …

    • admin says:

      Really? Really? From those that have called in we have comments all over the place. Sounds to me like these Sony and DirecTV CSR’s are just making stuff up.

    • Derrick says:

      I called Sony yesterday and the Rep told me he has no clue about it and that i should contact Directv. When i called there and asked the gal said they are not offereing since they are offering it for free to new customers. I said well you offered it for free last year and sold it on the PS3 and she didnt know what to really say then just repeated that since they offer it free its only offered through them. My guess is she had no clue and was just reading lines of her card. Hopefully we find out for sure soon.

  24. Ryan says:

    I thought I would share this with you guys. I emailed playstation network and asked about the ticket and here is the response I got

    Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for contacting PlayStation® Technical Support. My name is Tyrell, and I am happy to help you today, and answer your questions about NFL Sunday Ticket.

    Unfortunately, we do not have any information as to if or when NFL Sunday Ticket we be available with our products at this time. For more information about the NFL Sunday Ticket on the PlayStation Network. I would recommend checking our website Any update information will be posted here first.

    Thank you so much for your time and for giving me this opportunity to help you today Ryan. Have a nice afternoon.

    Tyrell T

    PlayStation® Tech Support

    damn i am pretty worried now! i just bought a ps3 too and the only reason i bought it was for nfl ticket…..

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ryan,
      With perfect, polite, customer service phrasing, Tyrell told you he had no idea 🙂

      At least he told you where to watch. I’ll keep my eye on
      website . I noticed that last year they announced it on August 17th.


    • Otis says:

      We did the same thing…bought PS3 just for this reason. They suck!

  25. info says:

    Thank you for contacting PlayStation® Technical Support. My name is Amanda, and I am more than happy to assist you with your inquiry regarding the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

    The DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket is a seasonal service and application and it is not currently available. This application will become available again once the service resumes. I recommend contacting DirecTV for more information on when the service will be available. I have included a link to their contact information below:

    Thank you for your time and patience, as well as the opportunity to assist you.

    Amanda S.
    PlayStation® Technical Support

  26. Josh says:

    Hi guys, I was reading though the PS3 threads about major performance issues. For anyone that had the PS3 package last year I have a few questions.

    1.) how was the interface? Could you only pick one game at a time?

    2.) I heard it was unwatchable at the beginning but I cant find many complaints towards the end. Did they resolve all the performance issues? I’m apprehensive to spend that kind of money with all the poor reviews it received last year.


    • Darren says:

      Wireless sucked all year. I never hard wired it to see if it was just my PS3 (probably was becuase the PS3 radios suck). You can only watch one game at a time.

    • Eric says:

      1.) Only one game at a time. There was a noticeable delay switching between games. Nothing that great about the interface.

      2.) Week 1 was terrible. Missed large portions of almost all the games. Rest of the season wasn’t nearly that bad though and most games were watchable.

      Quality issues were problems with the feed, not PS3 wifi capabilities. I had my PS3 plugged into my router through Ethernet (not Wifi), with a 24Mbps cable connection, and suffered bad quality all year long. Feed would switch between a ‘Low’ and ‘Medium’ (in my opinion) quality.

      In my opinion, it was only worth it for me as I am out of my team’s region and can’t games on local tv. Quality was either non-existent (week 1), or generally bad or mediocre for the rest of the year.

    • Joe says:

      Week one was so bad last season that PS3 offered a rebate of sorts…. I paid monthly, so I got some kind of discount, I don’t remember exactly what it was. Anyway, after that their servers were upgraded and all was well. One game at a time. And no replays after the game was over, it was over!

  27. Adrian says:

    There will be an online component added, DTV’s contract extension with the NFL stipulated that an online version of Sunday Ticket must be established by 2012. Last year was the first year I doubt the NFL would allow a breach of contract on this matter.

    • Ryan says:

      they already had that last year…. you can buy just the ability to watch games on your computer. its just sunday nfl ticket to go i think. you have to be able to prove you are unable to have directv installed at your residence, but they dont actually check.

      this is unrelated to ps3, and i doubt effects whether or not it is going to land on the ps3 again.

  28. Casey says:

    Here’s the information from Direct TV:

    Thank you for writing. I understand you want to get the NFL SUNDAY TICKET with Sony.

    We value your opinions, so I have forwarded your request to DIRECTV management. While DIRECTV Management can not follow up with each customer individually, rest assured every suggestion and inquiry is reviewed to determine what changes should be considered.

    Our goal is to continue to expand our programming and technology offerings, in order to bring the best television entertainment experience available. is the best place to find the latest news and information about our services.

    Thank you again for writing, Mr. Hartley.


    Edgardo A. – 100148844
    DIRECTV Customer Service

  29. SeymoreBeatdownz says:

    Raiders all day

    • admin says:

      Uh oh. Are we getting into team rivalries here? Seymore I happen to be a Chargers fan. Yeah the Raiders were great back in the day…..

  30. Darren says:

    Just be aware that if it is available unless they make some major improvements it will be hard to watch if you want to stream it wirelessly to your PS3. The PS3 2.4 GHz radios suck as anyone who tries to stream HD from VUDU already knows. I had NFLST last year and the streaming was terrible. That said I dont have line of sight and can’t get DirecTV so I will purchase NFLST again for the PS3 and probably just hard wire it hopeing the performance improves. Be warned.

    • Dan says:

      Reguarding performance: I purchased the Sunday Ticket for my PS3 last year and watched the games stream via the wireless network connection to my router. I have a cable modem and a cheap 3mb connection. It is an older PS3 slim, and I experienced no problems all season. One of the local games didn’t get blacked out late in the season and the streaming was a minute or 2 behind the games in realtime. It takes a little while to buffer but I thought the experience was great.

  31. Eddie says:

    I also contacted DirecTV today, August 8th, and this is the response I received:

    Thank you for writing. I am glad to hear your interest in getting NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

    We do not have any information that we can share with you right now, about the availability of the NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2012 on PS3. Updates will be available closer to the start of the season. I have, however, forwarded your email on to our management so that they can have a record of your request. is the best place to find the latest news and information about our service. You can also sign up for our newsletter if you don’t receive it already. Just sign in at and click on the “Update Profile” link and select the option to receive the DIRECTV monthly newsletter.

    I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you again for writing.

    From the response, it seems that if they reach, or have already reached, an agreement with Sony, the announcement will not come until a few days before the start of the season. We will have to wait and see.

    It is also important to note that the support member forwarded my email as a “request” to his/her management. Could this mean that if more people ask, the more inclined they will be to make the service available in 2012? Maybe we should try and send as many emails as possible. Again, we can only wait and see.

    • admin says:

      Awesome. I think I should give a prize for someone who can post a link to an audio clip of an actual phone all to the call center.


  32. Darren says:

    Also regarding performance the PS3 stream last year was not true HD…….just so you know. Big difference between DTV statellite NFLST and network PS3 NFLST.

  33. Jerry G. says:

    Patience people. I wouldn’t worry about the lack of information from Sony or DirectTV. Also keep in mind that customer service people are idiots, as evidenced by the inconsistency of the info given to those who have called.

    From what I’ve read above, everyone seems to believe that DirectTV is doing us a favor by providing Sunday Ticket through the PS3. Folks, this is about money…money for Sony, money for DirectTV and money for the NFL…and none of them is going to leave money on the table.

    I have a dish (through Dish Network) and keep tabs on happenings in the DBS world. The NFL’s most recent contract with DirectTV obligates them to make available streaming video service independent of their satellite service. I’m not sure they don’t want to risk violating their contract and losing the NFL to Dish Network. While this does not guarantee DirectTV will continue to stream through the PS3 and could go somewhere else, the infrastructure to do so already exists and has been paid for.

    With all that said, the real season is getting close and starts in a month. We’ve heard nothing. I’m glad I also own an xBox…

    • admin says:

      Thanks fro your comment. So why are you glad you own an xBox if ST is set for PS3? Also where do you find the details of this contract.


    • admin says:

      It says you have to live where you can’t get DirecTV to get the broadband deal. I really don’t get why they give a break to people who can’t get DirecTV. Or do they?

      • Jerry says:

        Not true…you must not otherwise be receiving DirectTV…meaning if you don’t have an account, you are good to go!

  34. John says:

    Yeah. I think the above statement about “patience”, is the thing here.

    It is only August 10th, and it wasn’t even announced last year until August 17th. I actually thought it was later. Like end of August, or September 1st.

    With last year’s date in mind, we “should” know in 2 weeks at the earliest(August 24th, 2012). If not by then, than Sept. 1st, 2012 will be the ballgame if you will.

    If it is not announced by then, it probably is not going too happen for the PS3. Maybe something else?

    IPAD/IPOD touch or Phone app, along with computer streaaming? Who knows.

  35. superman says:

    My friend works for playstation. Yes it will be offered at 149.99, but the app won’t be available till end of aug or first week of sept.

  36. Danny says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to put some info out for those that haven’t had this on your ps3. I had the nfl ticket last yr on my ps3. it was great.. It’s an app u get just like Netflix from the ps store. I paid like 85 bucks a month for four months. You won’t have to pay all of it up front. Redzone was also included.

  37. DP says:

    So, I just upgraded to road runner… I’ve heard mixed reports about the games freezing or glitches… can anyone tel;l me about the screen quality? Is it HD?

  38. frencha2384 says:

    Just tweeted with jeff rubenstein who works for ps3 and was part of announcement team last year, and he said there is no worries ps3 will have nfl Sunday ticket. Have retweeted him to see if he knows the price as well. If you want to see for yourself check out my twitter account @frencha23844

  39. frencha2384 says:

    Frencha2384 sorry one to many 4s on last post

  40. Kevin says:

    Just spoke with DirecTV exec. NFL ST will NOT be carried for Ps3 for the 2012 season. Apparently last year DirecTV lost money due to customers dropping their service all together since there was another medium to get NFL Sunday Ticket. Not very surprised here, sucks none the less though.

  41. Eric says:

    Great news! Just got off phone with playstation and they said they have reached an agreement with direct tv !!! I called direct tv and they have confirmed it. Still working on pricing, although direct tv said the app probably will be reg price( 299.95) and only offer special pricing to actual customers. Anyways wanted to share news. Btw it’s 8/14/12 and it’s 11:35pm ct time..

  42. Terry says:

    Ugh when can this thing get affordable? First of all I am not switching to a dish service. The winters in the Northeast make for cable outages and I am not having that. With that said the people before me had dish and I still havent taken that damn thing down so the set up would be easy.

    I definately did a double take though when I saw the adds that NFL Sunday Ticket is free with new DTV subscription but then how much next year? $300? Really? I can get 3 games on basic cable though I dont get the NFL Network because TWC wont carry them.

    If they do intend to offer this through PS3 and it is $150-$200 I might purchase it, but if its $300 thats a deal breaker. Ive got other things to do with that money because the economy is crap. Heres to hoping they offer it standalone for $149.99. Im in for one if thats the case!

  43. Adam says:

    Gonna call today and check for myself ive been getting the idk if we will carry this year comments but hopefully judging by that recent comment i should get a more satisfactory answer 🙂

  44. Adam says:

    Idk who he spoke to but i literaly just called and was given the same old answer of we dont have any information on that at this time. I asked for details on why the delay and got a response that they arent told those sort of things. All she said was to keep checkin the blog on the website for updates. So as of now as far as what i just heard idk if or when ill be getting nfl sunday ticket on my ps3

  45. Steelheadsfan says:

    Just found a loophole. Directv is now offering you their “Directv Everywhere” option. Where you can watch their programming on your comp., phone, etc. etc. You can subscribe to that only. No dish needed. And then just plug your laptop into the flat
    screen! And you have the NFLST! Plus their other programming. Who needs the ugly dish attached to the house now eh? Plus, watch games on your phone or iPad or whatever if you are on the move.

    • Kendall says:

      @Steelheadsfan – C’Mon Man… You didn’t think with all the fuss about will it be or won’t it be they would make it that easy did you?? You have to be a DirecTV subscriber to be able to take advantage of the “DirecTV Everywhere”.

      The real questions is will it be available for Roku, Apple TV, or best of all Xbox 360. PS3s are Garbage.

  46. Morgan says:

    I checked with both today for what it’s worth.
    I e-mailed Direct TV and got this response:

    Response Via Email(Cer Edward – 100402409) – 08/16/2012 11:44 AM
    Dear Mr. Morgan,

    Thank you for writing about your interest to have NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription through your Sony PlayStation 3.

    We are still in partnership with Sony in bringing this year’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET games. To get more information, you may call Sony at 1-800-345-7669. They have highly trained customer support specialist who is going to be available to walk you through with your option.

    You may also visit their website at

    If you are still interested with having your own DIRECTV account, please call us at 1-800-347-3288. We have professional and goal-oriented customer service specialists who will do their best to assist you starting your DIRECTV account.

    With your own DIRECTV service, you may have access to watch live video and video highlights on your PC/Mac, iPad, or mobile phone, plus additional enhanced features such as Red Zone Channel and Short Cuts.

    Again, thank you for writing.


    Edward E. – 100402409

    Followed by PS3 Network with this response:

    Hello Morgan,

    Thank you for contacting PlayStation® Technical Support. My name is Sarah, and I am more than happy to assist you with your inquiry regarding the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

    We currently do not have information about the 2012-2013 season of NFL Sunday Ticket. I recommend checking our blog on our website regarding this year’s season for updates on if or when it will be available. I have included a link to the blog below:

    Thank you for your time and patience, as well as the opportunity to assist you.

    Sarah P.
    PlayStation® Technical Support

  47. Kathie Duffy says:

    I just got off the phone (8/16/12 @ 3:44 pm MST) with Sony and they said they will be offering NFL Sunday Ticket on the PSN and he believed the price would be what Direct TV is lowering the price of it to $199.00. It should be available in the next couple of weeks and that we can break up the amount into installments over 4 months out of your PSN wallet. SWEET! I’m downloading for sure!

    • Terry says:


      Did you happen to hear if the $199 price is for existing DirectTV customers or a flat rate for all customers? I do not have a DirectTV subscription so I am not sure the lowered price applies to me.

  48. JOHN says:


  49. Morgan says:

    Update on my post from yesterday… after seeing the post from Kathie Duffy I called support for the PS3 network again this morning (10:35 AM EST) and was told they were getting a lot of calls on this but didn’t have any information at this time. The person I spoke with speculated that something might be announced a week or so before the season starts. It looks like no one at Sony really knows what’s going on at the PS3 customer support level.

  50. Juan says:

    Did anyone get it last year? Were all the games in HD? Was it user friendly in navigating through different games?

    • Benny says:


      The navigation was pretty good; very user friendly and smooth-running. The quality was so-so. I don’t remember my Internet speed last year (I want to say it was around 10mbps), but it was pretty choppy on WiFi. Once I hard wired it though, it was much better, just an occasional pause. Definitely worth it though as long as your Internet speed can handle it. If you have a quick speed, your picture should be decent HD quality.

  51. Josh says:

    I called DirecTV and they told me how you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket from your computer, phone, or tablet for $250. The best news is you don’t need to be a DIRECTV customer or have a stupid satellite installled. On September 1, go to their website and you can purchase NFL Sunday Ticket for $250. This information was from the DirecTV people themselves, not me. If you want, you can call them about Sunday Special Ticket.

  52. Josh says:

    I called DirecTV and they told me how you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket from your computer, phone, or tablet for $250. The best news is you don’t need to be a DIRECTV customer or have a stupid satellite installed. On September 1, go to their website and you can purchase NFL Sunday Ticket for $250. This information was from the DirecTV people themselves, not me. If you want, you can call them about Sunday Special Ticket.

  53. Jason says:

    Just called Direct TV and this is what she told me. The NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on Sept 1st for the PS3. Cost will be 299.95. Another guy told me the same date Sept 1st but he said there will be 189.99 for reg and 299 for max. I think he might have been quoting me the direct TV customer pricing but who knows. I had to politely push for info from the girl rep she tried to tell me to call Sony first but then after some pleading she started reading all her “notes” on her computer about the subject and voila! She found the date and price. Hope this helps!

  54. Brian C says:

    As of this morning my PS3 still has the Sunday Ticket Icon coming up but it says there is nothing to purchase at this time..Im sure the icon wouldnt be there if Sony wasnt planning on offering it at some point.

  55. Kevin says:

    I saw the same thing as Brian C. I updated my ps3 yesterday and then clicked the Sunday Ticket icon. The system then did a second update specifically for the Sunday Ticket program. I doubt that Sony would create a new update for the Sunday Ticket program if they weren’t going to offer it this year.

    • admin says:

      OK that’s what I was asking. If Sony has done an update of the icon that is more significant.

    • Damian says:

      I just check both the PS3’s in my house, and neither had updates available or the NFL ST icon, perhaps its coming out in availability in waves?

      Regardless this is good news that the icon has started to show up.

  56. Mike says:

    I purchased the Sunday Ticket last year through my PS3. What a fiasco it was a first. The whole first Sunday was a complete mess. Couldn’t get any games to play without freezing. Missed the only game I was interested in because it would just show a still frame. The early games were a disaster. It improved a little for the 4:00 games. Sony eventually gave a credit ($30 if I remember correctly). Second week improved but still had issues and the issues continued throughout the season. I eventually canceled and got a partial refund (which they said they would never do but did) because the quality was so terrible. I have a strong Road Runner connection too so that was not to blame. I had to make PS3 settings adjustments and had to make sure no other device was using the Internet.

    I hope they have worked out all the bugs since then.

    By the way, for those of you interested and in response to some of the other related posts, in their last agreement, the NFL made DirecTV agree to make Sunday Ticket available to those apartments (NY City especially) that could not have satellite dishes. That is why Sunday Ticket was ever offered via the PS3. The reason DirecTV pays the NFL so much money is because it is the very thing that keeps the company profitable by forcing those who want Sunday Ticket to install their dish and purchase their programming. You are not going to see a whole lot of advertising or information until just before the season starts. As someone else said in an earlier post, DirecTV wants as many people as possible to think the only way to get Sunday Ticket is through a DTV system and service agreement. That is why there is nothing on their site about it and why their reps are not trained to quickly answer questions regarding it’s availability through a PS3. They must make it available this way because of their agreement with the NFL but they want the least amount of potential customers to know about it.

    I just hope, someday, all cable companies will have every NFL game available at a per-game price. Doubt I’ll see that in my lifetime though.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the feedback Mike. I wonder what the big deal is about streaming. When NBA chooses to stream the quality on my PC is just fine. Could it be the PS3 is not the ideal device?

      • Ryan says:

        i’m thinking it is the servers they use for the service. i had the ps3 service last year and it was okay not really great though. i have also had the full directv nfl ticket in the past. And from what i remember the online streaming that directv had as part of the “superfan” with the real nfl ticket was much better than what ps3 had last year. I dont know how or why….

  57. R.J. says:

    NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to PS3 in 2012. I looked on DIRECTV website via this link
    and I called the customer service number and pressing 0 like 5 times then spoke out my response of NFL Sunday Ticket and I wanted an agent. I spoke to the agent who confirmed that it will be a stand-a-lone package offered again this year with the app available September 1st, 2012. for $299.95 but they were unsure if it will be broken into payments of 4 months and gave me the number to playstation which I called and they said they had no information at this time. I called DIRECTV back to find out why Playstation has no information and there answer was that until September 1, 2012 it can only be purchased through DIRECTV and then on September 1, 2012 it will be available by the app on PS3 and Playstation will annouce it on or around September 1, 2012. via request of contract by DIRECTV. I hope there right! I’m trusting DIRECTV in this after all they own the product.

    • admin says:

      Hi R.J.
      From your comment it sounds like official public notice will come from DirecTV on Sep 1? That is what I’m waiting for: official release via some website that we can link to. I may even make my own call to one of these crazy customer service reps, but not sure I’ll trust their response.

      Thanks for the update!

  58. rob says:


  59. David says:

    I purchased NFL ST on my PS3 last year and thought that the picture quality was sub-par on my HiDef TV. I have searched the internet and have not seen any other complaints about the picture quality. BTW this was a wired connection and the picture did not compare at all to the over-the-air programming.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Lati says:

      I thinking about getting the ticket this year. It’s good to hear all these problems before i bite the bullet though. Do you have the hdmi cable hooked up to your tv?

    • Darren says:

      The PS3 stream will not compare with the DTV over the air broadcast and neither will the sound. Also a lot of PS3’s have poor wireless radio’s so best to hard wire it or use a wireless gaming adaptor plugged into your ethernet port. I have a mitsu TV and a laptop right next to my PS3. All devices except for the PS3 have excellent reception and HD streaming. The PS3 buffers terribly and generally only sees about 50% signal with poor UL/DL speeds although the router is less that 20 feet away. A good multi-band gameing adaptor will fix that if you have a PS3 with a poor radio.

  60. Keith says:

    I’m hoping that this comes to fruition and I’m able to watch football on my TV. I have recently cancelled my DTV and I cannot get local channels where I live. That being said, I’ve noticed several people posting on here about the NFLST app or icon they have on their PS3. What I’m wondering is, how or where exactly do I find this, or will it just magically appear on “my channels” like the easter bunny, and I can then purchase it (obviously IF it actually does happen)?

  61. chris says:

    had it last year for ps3. first 2 weeks were awful. after that the picture was still not great through wired internet. i dont care what anyone says. but as a hardcore bears fan living in NY i have no choice. i had dtv for like 15 years just because of ST, but dtv overall sucks. gave rating for last year a C at best, but i will get it again. main complaint is that you can not rewatch any of the games once they are over. $299 is definately a rip off for the quality of the product, but my hands are tied. $149 would be appropriate.

  62. Kurt says:

    I spoke with both DirectTV and Sony on the phone yesterday.

    I called DirectTV first asking about the “online only” or PS3 options they would offer this year. She said there was not going to be an online only option this year, even if you have a apartment/condo where a dish cannot be installed.

    She was not sure about the PS3 options, she checked with her manager who told her the PS3 option would be offered this year and gave me the number to call Sony (800-345-7669) for more information.

    I called Sony and spoke with a guy who confirmed that a PS3 Sunday Ticket option would be offered again this year. He said he personally ordered it last year and was going to order it again this year. He said that the weekly PS3 “drops” occur on Tuesdays so he has checked every Tuesday to see if the ST option has shown up yet, and it has not (for him or me).

    I asked him about pricing and he said he was really not sure but said if he had to guess it would be $199 for the season, to reflect the new DTV ST price. But he emphasized he really did not know what the price would be.

    • Keith says:

      I just got off the phone with a lady from Sony and she said that it wasn’t likely that the Sundayticket would be available on ps3. i hope she is wrong somebody give me so good news

  63. Andrew says:

    Here is an excerpt from the email i received when I inquired about this:

    Thank you for writing back. I understand you would like to know if NFL Sunday Ticket is available for Playstation 3.

    This is available for purchase on Sep 1, 2012 through your PS3 at the PlayStation Network Store. This offer is for $299.95 from Sep 1 to Oct 28, 2012. PS3 follows the same game availability rules as NFL Sunday Ticket with one exception: Game availability is based on the device location instead of the DIRECTV service address.

    You should have the following:

    1. Sony PlayStation 3
    2. Broadband Internet connection: Over 700 kbps download speed from your provider gives the best possible picture quality for NFL Sunday Ticket games.

    To use the PS3 to login and access NFL Sunday Ticket games (each Sunday beginning Sep 9, 2012), you may call Sony for support, orders, billing, (800) 345-7669 or

    Subscribing to this feature allows you to watch your games anywhere in the United States in your own convenient time.

    • Andrew says:

      Also, there is an online only option. Here is the first email I received from them (DirecTV):

      We are currently offering NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2012 season for non-DIRECTV customers like you to be able to watch the games on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer (PC or Mac) even if you can not get DIRECTV at your current address. You must order online at and pay by credit card. The credit card billing address must match the address used to register at

      Please remember that the NFL SUNDAY TICKET online for customers with no account is available for ordering starting 9/1/2012. If you still encounter problems ordering it on or after 9/1/2012, you can call 1-(800) 670-7288. We have our knowledgeable specialists to assist regarding the information you need about registration, cancellation, and troubleshooting issues.

      In addition, NFL SUNDAY TICKET online for non-DIRECTV customers can not be cancelled, transferred, refunded, or credited after the season starts (Sep 9, 2012).

      Subscribing to this sports subscription gives you the access to the NFL games no matter where you are. If you are out on Sundays, you can still catch your games, live! You will never miss a game even when you are nowhere near a TV.

      • Terry says:

        I have a Samsung Smart TV that is connected by WiFi and has a internet explorer browser that is pretty good. I wonder if I would be able to access this via my TV (if my dual core smartphone/tablet could handle it why not my dual core TV) which would be amazing and would not require me to link to any other sources. But I am not paying that $299 bull crap so if thats the price I am OUT!

        • Damian says:

          As long as your TV’s operating system can handle the format/codec it should work, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Flash/java is extremely picky about being coded properly for the OS.

  64. keith says:

    thanks. but why when i called sony the rep told me that they did not know if they would have it available this year? i hope you right my friend.

  65. George Quintal says:

    Just spoke with direct tv. they confirmed that sunday ticket will be available on ps3 for $299.95 starting september 1st

    • d3 says:

      i think $299 is the deluxe package so you can get it on all mobil devices. It’s $189.95 for the basic package for just your PS3… but then again, none of the reps i spoke to sounded well informed.

  66. Keith says:

    Thanks can’t wait

  67. Jay says:

    When DirecTV agreed to an extension of their exclusivity deal with the NFL, they also agreed that their would be a broadband service available to people who would not be able to have access to DirecTV. So, I would assume that the PS3 package will be available again, since this would fall under that section of the agreement.

  68. Steve says:

    Confirmed via email it will be available for PC/MAC and PS3. Question now is what will be the best quality. I had it on PS3 last year and although quality improved, it still wasn’t great as the season went on. Even at the end of the year there was some freezing and downgraded picture quality. I’m thinking of going with my PC this year and connecting it to TV.

  69. Paul W says:

    I just want it at the $200 price point. Does anyone know if you do get the PS3 version, if there’s a way to just use your computer instead due to quality issues? Or is that some other cost tier to be able to move between devices?

  70. John says:

    There is still no guarantee, but we willl should “DEFINITELY” know by sometime next week I would guess. Considering most announcemments are made during the week, I would guess either Tues; or Friday, of next week.

    The fact that the Sept. 1st is a Saturday, they won’t dare drop the info on a non-big news cycle day. Plus that Monday, Sept. 3rd, is LABOR DAY, I would not be shocked if you can order before then.

    I know that the first game of the season is not affected by this, but it is on a WEDNESDAY this year, too accomodate the Democratic National Convention, and President Obama’s speech, on Thursday Night.

    So, if I had too guess, all will be resolved by Friday, August 31st, at the latest.

    Now, if only my cable company, Time Warner Cable, coulld get off their a** and make a deal for the NFL Network like everyone else, I would be happy. Somehow, I don’t see it, and doubt it. But that is for another Blog.

    • admin says:

      TWC likes to negotiate hard with the content providers, struggling to keep their costs down. Seems their always in a fight and coming up to the last minute on dropping some big televised event. On the NFL channel maybe they’ve just accepted the market of subs that can live without it.

  71. Cary says:

    I wonder if the pc version of ST would work with google tv? There aren’t many websites it doesnt work or play videos on. Any body have any insight would hate to get pc instead of ps3 and it not work on google.

    • Damian says:

      That is an interesting question you pose. If the ST online is going to be an application you launch from a webpage or stand alone I would think it safe to say it would not work with google TV. If it is through a webpage I would still say the chances are low, as most interactive webpages use some pretty nifty coding that would give google tv a head tumor, especially if it was in silverlight.

  72. Danny says:

    I called DirecTV last night and was told it would be available for purchase on PS3 and PC/MAC on Sept 4th. This makes sense as it’s the Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday and the day before the season kicks off.

    Hoping we hear something sooner, but that’s what I was told.

  73. The Quince says:

    If you had a very fast wired connection with ps3, what was the delay vs live tv like last year?

    • Damian says:

      It was like 5-6 seconds for me, but I had satellite TV and satcom feeds have a little more delay than physical connections. It wasn’t bad and you didn’t notice unless watching both side by side.

  74. Rip says:

    I spoke to a playstation rep yesterday and he told me they were unsure if they would be allowed to offer the ticket this year. I JUST talked to the DirectTV rep who told me that they Ticket is already available for free download for Directtv customers only. He said that as of today it is unknown if it will be offered to non Directtv customers but if it is- the cost will be $200. To me this confirms the idea that Directtv just doesn’t want to put it out there too early for fear of non enough people switching!

  75. David says:

    Jake’s comment is correct. When DirecTV signed their last contract, the NFL required the establishment of an online version of NFL Sunday Ticket, for customers who cannot subscribe to DirecTV. DirecTV is currently offering a 24 month bundle that includes Sunday Ticket for free. That offer expires August 29th. You can expect to hear the PS3 details shortly after that.

  76. Josh says:

    I logged into the app I still have from last year. When I login it says “the season starts on september 8th. See you then!”

    What a relief. Was worried for awhile.

  77. Jamie says:

    I called Sony today as the add to purchase the Sunday ticket i saw yesterday has disappeared from the app section. I was told that as of right now they still do not know if the NFL Sunday ticket will be available on the ps3 this season, but to call back in MID SEPTEMBER and they should know more by then.

    • Reed says:


      Mid-September?!? I think that’s about as close as you can get to a “No, we definitely won’t have it in 2012.”

  78. Josh says:

    Sony reps are probably either instructed to play dumb, so as not to canibalize sales for directv until right before the season,or they really are just dumb and aren’t the people you should be asking.

    The app wouldn’t say “see you on september 8th!” if it wasn’t gonna be working.

    • admin says:

      Unless they built that message into the app last year! 🙂

      • josh says:

        how would they build that message into the app when they wouldn’t even know exactly when the season starts? Nfl doesn’t release their schedule untill well later into the offseason.

        • cj says:

          not quite josh… can easily predict the start date just from looking at the calendar. you just wouldn’t know what the matchups would be for the start

    • Damian says:

      There are 0 games on the 8th. That was the start of last season.

  79. Mike says:

    Wether Direct Tv wants to extend the Sunday Ticket to Playstation 3 or any other gaming console; they are contractually obligated to provide a streaming service to anyone who cannot get satellite. The price will most likely be in the $300 price range.

  80. Michael says:

    I spoke with a representative from DirecTv and they confirmed that NFL Sunday Ticket will be on PS3 for the 2012 season. They even gave me the number to call PSN to get started.

    I called the PSN number and told them that DirecTV gave me this number to set up my NFL sunday Ticket through PS3. The rep was aware of the info and advise me she was receiving calls all week about this but unfortunately the App is in testing stage. She said once it clears testing stage then the staff will be sent an email describing and explaining prices and plans. She said just keep checking the app on the PS3 or PSN news but she did confirm that it would be on PS3 for 2012 season. Her favorite team was the Raiders…

  81. Ted says:

    I’ve been in a three way phone conversation with both Directv and Sony, (Sony keeps telling everyone to call Directv and Directv needed this to stop). I was told by Directv with Sony listening in, that the NFL Sunday Ticket will be available for mobile users (yes PS too) on Sept 1 2012. Again this is a direct quote from Directv.

  82. Akira says:

    I just finished reading most of these posts…..One thing if for sure; my eyes are FN bleeding. Funny how after so many calls and inquires, no one has a definite answer.

    Sept. 1st…I’ll be watching!

    • admin says:

      Well put. I’m just waiting for something in writing. I have a bookmark to the PlayStation blog. Funny how the announcement came Aug 17 lat year and we’re already a week past that date.

  83. Unknown says:

    What a circus

  84. Kent says:

    Been watching this thread closely for the past few weeks and while I thought DTV ST would be available this year, reading this perpetuated my doubts. However, I signed in to the last year’s Sunday ticket app on my ps3 yesterday and a message popped up saying “we’re sorry, the season starts September 9th. We’ll see you then!” so while its not a 100% confirmation, I think that should dispel any doubts that it won’t be available.

    • Reed says:

      Hey Kent,

      I have DirecTV and NFLST at my other residence. However when I’m living here, I can’t get DirecTV. Since I do have PS3, could I sign into my DirecTV account from my PS3, or would I have to pay for an entirely new NFLST subscription?



      • Bob says:

        lol You mean, your friend has ST and you want to leach off his paid subscription? No you still have to pay to have the PS3 option ( be it a little less)

        • Reed says:

          No! Really. I have a house and a condo. The home has DTV, the condo *can not* have DTV. But I do have high speed internet and PS3.

          And by the way, I would never recommend allowing anyone to leech off of a paid subscription, because you actually have to sign in to your account, the same place with your personal information including your credit card.

          • John says:


            If you already have DirecTV, then YES, you can use your online ID for your account to access the NFL Sunday Ticket “IF” it is available this year for PS3 owners.

            There might be a $50 additionall one time charge for DirecTV subs, but I am not 100% certain on that.

            95% certain, but not 100%

  85. milos says:

    Hi all –

    Just FYI. I went through all of this last year, because I can’t get directv at my apartment. I spent a few weeks in August calling in every seven or so days, and I got varying responses – from “No” to “Check in at the beginning of September.”

    That’s what I did, and there it was – maybe a week before the season started (I got the stand alone option, not PS3).

    The other commenters on here who have stated that directv deliberately obfuscates for as long as possible are correct. But one thing is for sure – they must offer some sort of non-subscriber option. There was some question last year whether they would expand the go alone option beyond the NYC area, because the contractual obligation stipulates 2012 as the absolute deadline for such expansion. This year, there’s no question. I don’t see any reason why they’d nix the PS3 deal, unless for some reason the logistical/maintenance costs dwarfed subscription revenue, and I haven’t heard anything like that.

    Basically, they just don’t want anyone to know about any of this non-subscription NFLST business, because once that genie is out of the bottle… well, bye bye directv.

    I don’t recall needing to have my billing address match my actual address (that would be a problem, because the two do differ for me). I just had to give my address and check a box swearing that I couldn’t get directv. It was $350, if I remember correctly.

    I had no problems viewing after the notorious first week, when nothing showed up and everyone got a partial refund.

  86. Mike says:

    you can see right here that the Sunday Ticket will be offered under the app section. The link does not work, I believe they are waiting until the last minute to activate the link.

  87. MJM says:

    A question for those that used the PC only option last year:
    Are you able to watch more than one game at once on two different computers?

  88. Bob Loblaw says:

    Just clicked on my app from last year and it is doing something different then usual. When I tried before it would say no subscription available or something like that, now it keeps redirectin me back to the purchase page. Not major news but promising. Looks like they are working on it.

    Go Raiders!!!

  89. Josh says:

    I just sent out my first email regarding the nflst, I went with emailing playstation, I was straight to the point and a bit rude. Ill let you know what generic answer I get back.

  90. Dale says:

    i had it on ps3 last year and it was awesome, minus the first couple weeks when they had issues with the connection. hoping for ps3 again, but as a last resort, my sister has directtv, can i watch it on my pc using her directtv subscription even if i’m at a different address?

  91. Rudy says:

    Dale yes you can. I use to watch it on my PC in the office if I had to be there on a Sunday for some reason. Also Direct TV just posted on Twitter that it will be available on the PS3 and computer even with out a DTV account.

    Matt Rowntree ‏@MattRowntree23
    @DIRECTVService Am I going to be able to purchase NFL Sunday ticket without having directv again this season? I live in an apartment.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    11h DIRECTV Service ‏@DIRECTVService
    @MattRowntree23 Yes it will be available on either computer or PS3.
    Hide conversation
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    10:36 AM – 27 Aug 12 · Details

    Figured I’d post it here for people as I was looking for the answer and the reps I talked to at DTV acted like I was crazy to think I could get it without a subscription to DTV.

  92. Justin says:

    I did not have the ST for PS3 last year and have been watching this thread closely. Looks promising. However when I log onto the PSN and go to the Media and Apps section, there is no ST app for me to click on. Am I in the wrong spot? Can someone tell me where I can get the app within the PSN?

    • Joe says:

      If you don’t already have it, I am assuming you will have to wait until it is available for purchase. When I didn’t get the app until I purchased the service last year. But now the app is still installed.

  93. Bob says:

    From Direct TV Customer Service (I am not a Direct TV subscriber)

    Thank you for writing. I understand you are unable to subscribe to DIRECTV and you are interested in getting the NFL SUNDAY TICKET for non-DIRECTV customers.

    DIRECTV offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET online and on PS3 to non-DIRECTV customers if they cannot get DIRECTV at their current address. Offer will be available to order on September 1, 2012. Please visit at that time to order.

    With regard to the requirements for PS3:

    – Sony PlayStation 3
    – Broadband Internet connection: Over 700 kbps download speed from your provider gives the best possible picture quality for NFL Sunday Ticket games.
    – Login/Access: Use the PS3 to login and access NFL Sunday Ticket games (each Sunday beginning Sep 9, 2012).

  94. Danny says:

    I just tweeted at DirecTV asking for pricing info and was told the following:

  95. Danny says:

    I just tweeted at DirecTV asking for pricing info and was told the following:

    The price for online-only NFL SUNDAY TICKET for non-DIRECTV customers is set to be $250.00, Danny.”

  96. Danny says:


    This service can only be ordered online at and will be available to order on 09/01/12.

  97. jason says:

    can i get the ps3 sunday ticket if i can get directv service at my house i dont wont the service just want nfl sunday ticket for ps3

    • Joe says:

      When I ordered it through the PS3 last year, there was a question that asked me to verify that I was unable to get Direct TV at my home location. I clicked yes and was able to get the service. I am assuming this will work for anyone provided they are offering it the same way. Though, you will probably be in violation of the terms of service. I highly doubt they are going to search through user accounts to weed out which accounts were actually lying when they asked this question.

  98. Tom says:

    I just got off the phone with DirecTV. The app should appear on the PS3 on Sept. 4th. The price will be $299/year from 9/4-10/28 2012. Thereafter there will likely be a discounted rate for the remainder of the season.

  99. Eduardo says:

    Here’s the final verdict – all coming straight from Direct TV’s twitter. NFL Sunday Ticket for the PS3 will be available to order from DirectTV only on September 1st. It will cost $250. The app itself will be available on the PS3 on September 4th. Also, for you DirectTV subscribers who already have NFL ST Max, it includes the PS3 as well as the mobile option. Check out the feed at:

    • Joe says:

      where does it say it will cost $250?

    • admin says:

      Tom’s post says $299. Which is it?

      • John says:

        Because the fact is NEITHER OF THEM KNOW ANYTHING! Just like the rest of us. I can post words like “official” and “final verdict”, but they don’t mean crud. Especially in the cyberworld.

        It is this simple: If you still have the app(like I do), and you still can’t order anything by Sept. 4th(for people who want NFL ST and NO DIRECTV, whether you can get it or not), then it is not happening. Plain and simple.

        Sony will/would have sent out an update for the PS3, or the app store in order to do this, and they have done neither. But there is still timeand hope. Just wait.

  100. Eduardo says:

    Well since DirectTV’s official twitter account provided the information I would believe them over anything any DirectTV employer said. Below I re-posted all the relevant DirectTV tweets.

    @DIRECTVService if I already have the ticket, does cost extra for ps3/online access?


    18h DIRECTV Service DIRECTV Service ‏@DIRECTVService

    @justinbonnema The App is scheduled to be available on September 4th, but check for more information.
    Hide conversation


    7:29 PM – 28 Aug 12 · Details

    DIRECTV Service ‏@DIRECTVService

    @justinbonnema The PS3/mobile features are included with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX subscription for no extra cost.

    DIRECTV Service ‏@DIRECTVService

    @dannygberg The price for online-only NFL SUNDAY TICKET for non-DIRECTV customers is set to be $250.00, Danny.

    • Joe says:

      Cool. Thanks. It looks like the person you were tweeting did not give the price for PS3 ST, but the online version. If PS3 costs $300 and online is $250, what would be the benefit of using PS3 over a regular computer (provided one’s tv has a computer imput)??

  101. John says:

    Yep. It is definitely official now. After I googled it, and saw there were news headlines for it, that sealed it for me. September 4th will be the first day to sign up.

    Now is $300 worth it? All depends on who/where you are, and what you want.

  102. Josh says:

    I just talked to direct tv seriously thinking about switching mainly for the free year sunday ticket, and he did confirm sept 4 you can download the app on ps3 and get sunday ticket for ps3 non direct tv customer price of $299, I think im gonna get the ps3 NFLST again its cheaper, yeah DTV offers it free with choice package which is 34.99 a month for the first year with a 2 year agreement then its about 60 a month the next year plus 6 dollars a month for each receiver/ tv pretty much and 199 for NFLST or 299 for NFLSTM sooo I think Ill take the easy route.

  103. Joe says:

    So where can we buy the online only option?

  104. Tom says:

    Called DirecTV(1 800 670 7288)

    $300 for ST on PS3
    $250 for ST online

    Online option allows on multiple devices as well (including PS3)
    Also, can view different games on different devices (pc, iPad, iPhone, etc) at same time

  105. Danny says:


    Online version is available for order now!

  106. David says:

    DirecTV’s 24-month bundle offer expired 8/29. Today, 8/30, Playstation network page says “NFL SUNDAY TICKET – Coming Soon on PlayStation®Network”.

    These guys are like politicians…

  107. et says:

    Not eligible for online if you are able to get Directv subscription at your home. Tried signing up, but because we are former customers, we are not eligible…

  108. Joe B says:

    My question is this:

    Can I pay $250 and sign up for the ST online subscription with DirecTV, and use that account to also watch games with my PS3?

    If yes, why would anyone buy it with PlayStaion for $300?

    • Joe says:

      Awesome! When i opened this page in Firefox it took me to the general page with no online only option, but it does take me to this page in Explorer.

  109. Josh says:

    Just got the direct tv version, SWEEETT!! forget the ps3 the direct tv version is cheaper and has game mix, screen in screen watch it on your phone a tablet whatever Im glad i went that route, I bet ps3 doesnt have it next year, it would be pointless

    • Tom says:

      Will the online version that allows you to watch in on your ipad allow you to airplay it to apple tv? I think that will be the decision maker for me in deciding between that or ps3. I want to be able to watch it on the big screen

      • Josh says:

        I’m in the same boat as you. You need an iPad that has Airplay Mirroring on it (I think an iPad 2 or later). If on a Mac, you need OS X Mountain Lion. Call Apple for more questions.

      • Brian says:

        In my experience, airplay on Mountain Lion will mirror anything on your mac. I have used it to watch ESPN 360 and HBO to go on a big screen. I don’t think there is anyway for the provider to stop you from doing it, unless they stop you from watching it on your computer…Unlike the Google TV where they could block that device since the device was accessing the internet and not being mirrored through a computer.

  110. admin says:

    After watching pregame Chargers last night maybe I’m not going to be so anxious for this.

    • Damian says:

      Haha, I think they will do a lot better than the shows they put on in the preseason. Looks like they were just dickin’ around trying to find who they were gonna cut.

  111. RV says:

    I asked DirecTv if the online option of $250 allows you to still watch it on PS3 since it’s only available to people who couldn’t get directv TV service, these goons don’t know anything.

    Anybody know the answer?

  112. Mike Knows says:

    I spoke with a Directv agent and ask if I purchased the Sunday NFL ticket through PS3 would i still be able to access it through my PC or mobile Devices. The Agent said YES. She stated that PS3 version is indeed NFL MAX and the PS3 version price has included the NFL-to-go- package. That explains why the PS3 is 299.95 and the Directv version online is are paying for the 50.00 dollars to-go- package. She stated that u will purchased the app through the PS3 but you will be registered with a password with Directv Websites. Once u are registered you will be able to access the Sunday Ticket through PC, mobile devices, laptop and your PS3, which she stated that the PS3 was considered a mobile device. She also stated u can only log into one device at a time….Hope this help..

    • CloveMan3 says:

      Just purchased the PS3 ST package for $299. Didn’t get a password for the to-go package though. Do you also have to be a Direct TV Subscriber to get access to the Sunday Ticket through PC, mobile devices, laptop, etc?

  113. John says:

    Also, I think this point needs to be made as well.

    This year, there are NO INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS. So you can’t get a month’s worth, then cancel.

    DirecTV and Sony will want the ENTIRE $299.95 UPFRONT before giving you the password/etc… that you need in order to have access to the SNFLT on your PS3/Ipad/etc…

    So make sure you have that $300 in your PSN account(Load it up with Prepaid cards) before you order. Unless you just want to put it on your CC.

    • Damian says:

      I know in the past there was a 150$ limit on loading up the PSN accounts, has that changed (was a year or so ago when I have tried it)

    • Dave says:

      I checked the “terms of service” and it said you were responsible for payments. I assume that mean its broken into several payments. That’s just what I saw and was wondering if anyone knew for sure if it would be one payment or 4 monthly payments. Thanks in advance for any useful info

  114. CloveMan3 says:

    Can anyone comment as to the quality of the internet HD stream as opposed to streaming it via the PS3? Is it the same or worse in terms of picture quality? Any problems with stuttering or pixelating?

    • AngryMrBungle says:

      Tons of problems CloveMan. Like freezing, stuttering, pixelating and it also included a delay long enough for me to see scores updated on before I saw them happen on “Live TV” in the games I was watching. You’re also subject to blackouts. Honestly I don’t think I’ll be ordering it this year.

    • Darren says:

      worse – but ok if it’s all you can get. Go Cowboys.

  115. Mike says:

    Did it go on sale yet? I can’t find it anywhere on PS3. How do I buy Sunday Ticket for PS3?

  116. Fan says:

    Still no sunday ticket app on psn!?

  117. keith says:

    still no ticket app smh. whats the deal?

  118. Dave says:

    5 PM EST and still no go on the Sunday Ticket/PS3 deal. I called PS3 and they had nothing to say. Ditto DirectTV.

  119. Stove top says:

    What the f*** is football? It’s that game where drones kick around a round ball right?

  120. Bob Loblaw says:

    Talked to directtv and sOny and they said it should be up by end of the day. Directv said one payment ps3 said possibly monthly payments. Also not compatable with pc and iPads unless it a directtv costumer. 299.95

    • CloveMan3 says:

      Where do I get a Direct TV costume???

      Just Kidding. I’m disappointed us PS3 customers don’t get the benefits of the NFL Max Direct TV subscribers and get to watch the games on our PC’s and phones as well. Seems unfair since we are paying the full $299.

      Is there any way to set up a Direct TV acciug and password with just a PS3 subscription?

  121. Peter Miller says:

    Does anyone know what DVR features the PS3 app or the online only versions offer? Could I watch an entire game after it has already finished?

  122. Bob Loblaw says:

    Not sure there is a dvr for ps3 but the directv website says u can rewatch games no commercials just plays back to back and watch whole game in 30 minutes. I’m sure they replay games all week long.

  123. CloveMan3 says:

    Just purchased my PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket package for $299.
    Guess I’ll tune in Sunday to make sure it works.

  124. Bob Loblaw says:

    Games start tomorrow. Is there an option to pay monthly?

  125. rodent says:

    Bitch lied to me its Sept 5 and still nothing…

  126. Mike says:

    So where is it, I can’t find it anywhere on my PS3 to buy?

  127. Joe B says:

    I just downloaded it on my PS3. Under the what’s new thing on the network. Click on it. Download it.

    then it has two choices. Purchase subscription or if a directv customer, you log in.

    So my question is why would anyone purchase the ST through the PS3 for $50 more, and without PC/phone/tablet?

    Am I missing something?

  128. Brett says:

    I have been digging on this all day.

    It comes down to this. Everyone should order ST through the Direct TV online offer. Through this, you will create a username and password that you can plug into the ST app on your PS3.

    Ordering it through the Direct TV online offer will cost $250.00 where as through the PS3 Store will cost $299.95. There is NO DIFFERENCE between what is offered through the Direct TV online offer and what is available through the PS3 store. It is simply that you are paying $50.00 more for the same thing if you buy it through the PS3 store.

    So to sum it up, sign up to the NFL ST online package for $250.00 online, and simply remember your username and password to plug into the ST app on your PS3.

    Enjoy the NFL season. I know I will!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Brett. Yes I am looking forward to celebrating opening night tomorrow! Got my office pool money on Giants!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Brett.

    • Adrian says:

      I signed up for NFL ST online yesterday, and I tried to use my log in information on the PS3 app. I received the same message as the computer, and mobile app. “Season starts Sept. 9th. See you then.” So hopefully this means I can access NFL ST through my PS3 when the season begins. If not, I guess it’s alright since I still have access on my PC.

  129. bob loblaw says:

    I just got off with direct tv and the lady was pretty clueless. She said you can’t get the sunday ticket for your ipad/computer unless you have direct tv. I’m confused now.

    • admin says:

      She’s simply wrong. Probably best not to seek much information from these CSR’s. Just figure out what you want and order it.

  130. jason says:

    my friend has directv we live in pa i want to watch the jets games i told him i will pay for the sunday ticket in the 5 payments he gets nfl ticket on his boxes and he will supply me with the usser name and passwork for ps3 if u have a friend with dtv this will work

  131. seth says:

    it looks like the sunday ticket package is only $199 if you watch it from your PC. Has anyone done this before… i bought the NFLs gamerewind two years ago. the video quality was sub-par and the audio quality was horrible. it was so distracting i had to turn the audio off. it was like 16kbps mono or something. voices sounded scratchy and digital. completely horrible. Can anyone comment on the audio/video quality for the PC/web browser sunday ticket package? its cheap enough to be worthwhile, but i cant tolerate the poor audio and video quality.

  132. Alex says:

    Brett … or anyone for that matter … where can I find the $250 online subscription? I have scoured the DTV website and can’t find anything specific that doesn’t take me immediately to a TV package?

    Also, anyone else having issues with purchasing the subscription on the PS3? Both my debit and credit cards were “unable to add funds to wallet” … I triple checked my information, etc. and still nothing

  133. seth says:

    i should have specified – this is what i found on directvs site:

    its 199 vs 299 for the ps3.

  134. Seed says:

    I’m with Alex – can’t buy th’ @$%&* package – I got error 80023102 via the PS3, and got “unable to add funds” via my account on the Sony website. Canged credit cards, re-checked, re-entered, etc. No go. Wierder yet, my transaction history on the site shows all my failed attempts and the last one says I purchased the package for, get this… $0.00. I still can’t get passed the PS3 screen that asks to purchase or sign in with a Directv login id.

    • Alex says:

      Seth … that’s exactly what I encountered. I’ve had issues with this in the past (I wanted to add some songs to rock-band 2-3 years ago) … but the issue was resolved when I realized I couldn’t use my debit card and had to go get a PS voucher or whatever from the store. But now I have the issue with both my debit and credit card. I really want to avoid having to go out and get 6 $50 PS Network cards…

  135. Larry says:

    Alex you need to go to best buy and buy the prepaid Playstation network cards. I had the same problem adding $$$ to the wallet. If the address you have does not exactly match the banks address it kicks out. The more you keep trying to enter it Play station locks it out. You also can but the Playstation network cards on lin the come in 20, 50, 100 increments. I bought 2 50.00 cards entered the codes and my wallet was back up to the 300.00 needed. I orders the NFL ticket this morning took about 5 mins and its on. GO NY GIANTS…Need the tick since I now live in Washington State. I Had it last year on PS3 it was fine after the week 1 bugs they had last year. Hope that help you and everyone with the same problem

  136. Larry says:

    alex also go to the new app area on PS3 and start the nfl ticket from that point, it will load the new software for the 2012 sunday ticket and you will be able to buy it from there.

  137. Alex says:

    There is the link. Found it somewhere else … but somehow can’t manage to get to it without copying the direct URL … seems like DTV is trying to hide it! But there it is … $250 for the online subscription (and you don’t need to be a subscriber) … and you can also use your username for the ps3.

  138. Al says:

    I thought you had to have a DTV ST Max Package in order for it to be free on the PS3?

  139. Seed says:

    Thanx Larry – I took your approach – the $300 worth of Prepaid cards from Best Buy did the trick!

  140. Mike says:

    Hey Alex, have you tried logging in yet with the $250 package on a PS3, how do you know it works?

  141. Kevin says:

    I got the $250 package yesterday and was able to log into my PS3.

  142. Al says:

    I just thought that the only people who would be able to log in and view games would be people who ordered Sunday Ticket Max. I just can;t see how DirecTv could be so careless with their money.

  143. Steve says:

    Video/Audio quality is the real question now. PS3 vs computer. I’m assuming my laptop has better quality video so I’m going that route.

  144. el gaupo says:

    i called directv to order the $250 online package today. Those people are so dumb. They acted like they had no idea it was an option and insisted i buy the ps3 verison or sign up for a directv package. Dude was super rude to me. They were no help. all they did was give me a number to order the ps3 version. gonna try tomorrow to order the online verison online and not over the phone. so pissed! DIRECTV=DBAGS!

  145. Sean says:

    Could someone please tell me if they are 100% sure you can purchase the $250 online sunday ticket and log into your playstation 3 with the info you get with it. I sure could use the extra 50 bucks I would save but im scared if I purchase the online version I wont be able to watch it on my big screen. If you can log in to your playstation 3 with the online version what is the exact process you would use to go about everything? Do you have to call direct tv or just go to a link and purchase it? Sorry for all the questions and thank you ahead of time for any info.

    • admin says:

      Comments just above indicate you can. But if the cheaper online version grants access via PS3, it does make me wonder why ever buy the PS3 version?

    • Joe says:

      I had the PS3 versions last year and already had the app on my PS3, but you can download it for free from the PSN. I bought the Online version only and am able to log into Sunday Ticket via my PS3 and get the same screen I do when logging in through my computer or phone (a screen with a direct TV commercial and the all the games on the side, which is where you would choose to watch). When I click one of these games i get a message saying video will be available 60 minutes before game time.

      • Joe says:

        Here is what I did:

        1. I ordered the Online Only version via the web for $250.

        2. When you order you are asked to enter your e-mail and create a password for your DirectTV account (this is what you will use to sign in online, your phone and PS3).

        3. I opened the NFL Ticket app on PS3. It asks if you would like to purchase the service or if you are an existing customer. I clicked existing DirectTV customer.

        4. It asks for your DirectTV email and password. I entered the email and password I used to create my on-line profile.
        5. It takes me to the same screen I had for my PS3 version last year.

        I have not read anywhere from an official DirectTV or PS3 source excluding nor including the PS3 option from the online version. I have noticed that DirectTV is not aggressively marketing the online only option. It does appear, at least as of right now, that you can sign into the PS3 version with the $250 online version.

  146. Al says:

    Sadly, I don’t think we’ll know for sure until 1 PM Sunday.

  147. sean says:

    Hello all, I went ahead and purchased the 250 online version and it worked great, Just as I read here I was able to log right into the play station 3 app.

    As a poor college student saving that 50 bucks really helped me out alot ( beer ).

    I thank you for your help and Go Packers!!

  148. Allen says:

    I just got off a chat session with someone at DirectTV.

    A few things to note.

    1: ONLY Sunday games are broadcast (it’s NFL “Sunday” Ticket, not NFL Ticket). [no monday night games, no thursday games, no saturday games].
    2: ONLY out of market games are broadcast. You cannot watch your favorite team, if your favorite team is your Local team.
    3: Does not include Playoff Games

    If you’re planning to use this as a replacement for current cable, it may not be the best use of $200.

    • Damian says:

      It’s called Sunday ticket, not monday and sunday and sometimes thursday ticket haha. But yeah it’s kinda worthless if all you want to watch is your local team and live in that market.

  149. el gaupo says:

    Just got the online version for$ works on my iPad,ps3 and Droid bionic. online is the way to go! So pumped!

  150. Joe says:

    I got the online version for $250 and am getting HD quality for pregame @10mbps download speed

  151. Kevin says:

    Beautiful hd on my 15 mbs line! I can access ps3 content with my online subscription. Wonder if this is only for week 1 ( free preview of st max)?

  152. Mike says:

    So I logged into PS3 and had no luck with a Cat6 ethernet connection getting sunday ticket. Works perfect in HD on my computer. I plugged in ethernet that was in my PS3 and its quick. I just use headphone jack and VGA out to my LED TV and is perfect. For $250 its perfect quality and well worth it. Plus the PS3 interface is a little glitchy, the computer is so much easier to use.

    • John says:


      Did the $250 PC signup version “work” using the PS3? I am interested in the quality through a PS3 as well.

      If I can save $50, plus use my PS3/Ipod/Ipad, this is the way I am going to signup for it.

      $250 is definitely better than $300

  153. Tim says:

    All I want to do is watch the BRONCOS on Sunday. My HOA is being PITAs because I have to have a 4’dish on my roof being in AK. Also having a Mac is a PITA to download pc apps. I don’t need HD, multiple games, Max, etc.

    Money’s not an issue, so if I understand this correctly….. I can go buy a PS3, go to the PS3 store, buy the Sunday Ticket, and watch games? I don’t need Directv’s authorization to do that, correct?


  154. Mike says:

    I was able to log in to PS3, but it would not allow me to watch any games. So I would say no to it working on the PS3. It just won’t load any games once it recognizes your membership.

    It works perfect on Computer though. Just do VGA out and its same quality if not better because VGA puts out whatever you monitor puts out pretty much. Sound Quality also isn’t that bad. Like I have heard reviews saying sound was muffled but I was able to hear all the games today crystal clear. The Redskin Saints Game, The Bucs Carolina games, and others in between. You also have an option to choose your quality depending on your internet connection. I had ethernet into my computer, bought 50ft of cat6e on amazon and worked awesome. Was pretty cheap too, like under $15. Just plugged that into the router.

    Also online package you can use on your phone if your out or have a wedding or something that your obligated to go to that really doesn’t matter.

    • John says:

      Thanks Mike for the Info.

      What type of speed do you have? I have TWC with a average speed of 8-9Mbps download hardwired(which is the way I would do it. Everything is Cat 6, and I use Belkin Powerline Adapters, which have always worked AWESOME for me), and wireless speed is pretty similiar.

      I would like too other peoples reactions as well

    • Ricco says:

      Mike, were you logged into your computer directv account when you tried to access it through the PS3? If so, I read that you can only be logged into one account at a time. I’m curious to know, as I’m looking at the online version but would like to access the account through my PS3.

  155. Mike says:

    So I purchased the ps3 subscription and had everything hooked up to my Dad’s brand new smart tv. We got all the games but the loading was extremely annoying. Every single play got delayed a second or two, so frustrating. Then after 5 or 10 minutes of that, it would catch itself up and skip to live, leaving me missing some plays completely. Also every time I switched games the loading took about 20 seconds. On top of all of that couldn’t even get HD quality half the time even though my hdmi cable was hooked up properly. It was clear the live streaming was just not coming in smooth. There is just no way this product should be so crappy if it costs $300. I will be cancelling unless anyone can give me a little insight to why this is happening. Thanks everyone

  156. Mike says:

    Not sure on the actual speed, the cat6 is only as good as its quickest device. Wireless wasn’t too bad, but I remember the MLB Extra Innings was choppy on PS3 so I didn’t want to take the chance of choppy signal on a more expensive package.

  157. Brian says:

    Can two or more people use the same login at the same time?

  158. Justin says:

    In response to Mike on September 10, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    I have a high speed ASUS Router and cable for internet and it runs in HD flawlessly. I am also hard wired. I forked out for the 100ft cable and cleanly routed it to my PS3. It is worth it. Perhaps your router is the rate limiting step. DSL is also much slower than cable. I’m not clear on your setup but I’m guessing if your provider is a cable based internet then it’s not the service that’s an issue but perhaps you’re router or there are a lot of other possible variables.

  159. Joe says:

    I purchased the online version for $250 and it works both on my computer and PS3 great. ps3 running wireless @ 10Mbps speed is solid HD quality.

    I have not tried it on my phone, but dont have any need to. Much better (and cheaper) than last year. Not sure on other reports of the online vesrion not working on PS3, but it works fine on mine for the first two weeks.

    • Ricco says:

      Joe, so you recommend purchasing the online version for the Sunday Ticket? I would like to save $50 if I can, but want the ability to watch the games through my PS3. I commented on a recent posting by Mike, to ask if he was logged into his online account when trying to access his PS3. On the Directv website, it does state that you can only be logged into one account at a time. Is this what you have experienced?

      • Joe says:

        That is what i recommend. I have the online version and am watching through my PS3. Save the $50! You are correct; you cannot be logged in on multiple devices. if you are you will get an error message.

  160. Mark James says:

    Does anyone know if they will offer a refund for PS3 DTV Sunday Ticket. The reception is terrible before me. Any contact info would be very helpful. So bummed

  161. John says:

    Week 3 of my PS3 experience had a few hiccups – the picture quality and lag was more noticeable. Whereas week 1 was almost flawless, and Week 2 was hardly noticeable.

    The bigger issue is both the PS3 and PC versions think the Miami Dolphins game should be blacked out. Both for Week 1 and this past weekend, Week 3. Even though CBS carried the Jacksonville game for both. For some reason the PS3 (and PC) versions are confused – whereas the directv box has it right.

    I called directv, they were stumped – they basically said my network is telling Sony I’m in a blacked out area for the Dolphins game, and that it was out of their control. Called Sony – they person I spoke to really didn’t have any level of knowledge to troubleshoot.

    A bit of a bummer, but at least I got to watch the redzone channel on my PS3.

    • Bill says:

      Did the person you talked to really know what they were talking about or was it just a front line CSR who told you your location was network based? I ask because the DirecTv web site states your location for blackouts is based on your credit card billing address. If it really is based on network, a crossover cable and a VPN would solve your problem. If you really want DirecTv to address your blackout issues, you need to e-mail them at their support web site. You will need coverage maps for your location for the station or stations in question to prove they don’t provide a signal to you. You can get those at After I provided DirecTv with the coverage maps for my area, they fixed my blackout issue.

  162. Kevin says:

    I also had major problems yesterday with streaming the games on my PS3. Luckily, the streaming worked much better on my computer and iPad.

  163. Rob says:

    Anybody else have a lot of issues during the 4 o’clock games in Week 4. I was trying to watch Bengals-Jaguars and it got progressively worse with freezing and picture quality. By the fourth quarter, it was barely watchable because it kept freezing every few minutes and I would have to switch games and then switch back. I was also using a download speed of 17.4. It worked great the first 3 weeks, so I don’t get it.

    • Bill says:

      I’m on a public utility operated Fiber system with download speeds in excess of 50 mbps both up and down and had freezing issues that sound very similar to yours on the late games in week three. I wound up resetting my router and it solved the issue.

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