NFL Week 6 and the Cord Cutter


This week we’ll be watching all the NFL Games from a cord cutter perspective. Where and how to watch. What do do about black out games and other non-broadcast games. As you can see we start out right away with a problem on Thursday night.

Carrie Underwood sings 'Sunday Night Football' theme
Carrie Underwood sings ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme – courtesy USA Today


We’ll also be making our office pool picks – just to make it more interesting.

Check back for updates…







Update 10-9-13:  Uh oh, Chargers need to sell 10,000 more tickets or the Monday game will be blacked out in San Diego.  And to top it off it’s on ESPN meaning no OTA.

Update 10-10-13: Tonight’s Thursday game is on NFL Network a strictly cable affair. Cord Cutter viewing methods: Mobile NFL Sunday Ticket, Sports Bar (or friends house), going to the game (Chicago), unauthorized streams.  The line is Chicago -7.5. Our straight-up pick is Chicago.

Oct. 10 New York Giants Chicago Bears 8:25 p.m.NFL Network
Oct. 13 Green Bay Packers Baltimore Ravens 1 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills 1 p.m. CBSb
Oct. 13 Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns 1 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 St. Louis Rams Houston Texans 1 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 Carolina Panthers Minnesota Vikings 1 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 Oakland Raiders Kansas City Chiefs 1 p.m. CBS
Oct. 13 Pittsburgh Steelers New York Jets 1 p.m. CBS
Oct. 13 Philadelphia Eagles Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 Jacksonville Jaguars Denver Broncos 4:05 p.m. CBS
Oct. 13 Tennessee Titans Seattle Seahawks 4:05 p.m. CBS
Oct. 13 New Orleans Saints New England Patriots 4:25 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers 4:25 p.m. Fox
Oct. 13 Washington Redskins Dallas Cowboys 8:30 p.m. NBC
Oct. 14 Indianapolis Colts San Diego Chargers 8:40 p.m. ESPN

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3 Responses to NFL Week 6 and the Cord Cutter

  1. Hun Kim says:

    You have to pretty much give up MNF, and Thursday night football. Rest of the games you can watch on Sunday Ticket if you buy the Madden special edition (Xbox or PS3) for $99 (you can sell game if you don’t play it) to watch all the Sunday games except local team (which you can probably watch OTA).

  2. Greg says:

    Hun you sound like you know what you are talking about. We’ve been discussing Madden 25 for a while now. Only ones left available at this point of are on eBay.

    Oh and regarding Thursday, Sunday there is always the local sports bar!

  3. parks bonifay says:

    Verizon has a $5 monthly charge for nfl mobile premium which provides access on yor smartphone or 4g tab to the nfl network, redzone, and full broadcasts of the non sunday games.

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