No NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3 in 2013

After all the fuss this topic created last year I feel obligated to mention that it’s a definitive NO Sunday Ticket on PS3  for 2013 as outlined in this CNET article. The article (as well as some readers of this blog)  also mentioned that there were occasional  technical problems with the stream.

If you were to actually consider signing up for DirecTV just to get NFL Sunday Ticket you’d pay a high price in my opinion. Most of the packages I see on their official website require a 24 month commitment.

The good news is that you can still get Sunday Ticket without being a DirecTV subscriber – but only on mobile devices. See related NFL on Roku? Not yet. Try Chromecast.

Chargers' Phillip Rivers  courtesy SD Dirk Flickr

Chargers’ Phillip Rivers courtesy SD Dirk Flickr






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