Not Good for Cord Cutters: Verizon Plan to buy Netflix


This just in: speculation that Verizon may buy Netflix – now that it’s cheap. Damn you Netflix you should have kept your act together.

Anyway here’s what’s wrong with this scenario. Verizon taking control of Netflix is not much different than if Comcast or Cablevision did. Through FIOS Verizon is actually one of the top multichannel video distributors. Note the semi-official NCTA list of top 25 MSO’s. (Side-bar: back in the day Satellite , Fios, and U-Verse were not even on this list)

Anyway, do you think Verizon is going to use Netflix to compete with itself? No. In areas that have Fios , and accompanying video on demand, probably not. This is not as bad as AT&T buying T-Mobile, but not a good thing for cord-cutters.

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