Original Content for the Cord Cutter – Not on Cable

I while back I wrote about The Streamy Awards, OTT only  programming that seemed to be ahead of it’s time. But this idea won’t die, and that’s a good thing for cord cutters.  OTT only programs contribute to the fragmentation of content delivery.  Today it’s an inconvenience – multiple content providers delivering over multiple platforms.  But perhaps it will lead to the ultimate disruption.

In any case let’s survey some of the latest OTT offerings:

 Amazon Originals

Who would have thought that an online bookstore would eventually start producing original  series.  Two new shows premier this month and you can watch the first few episodes for free.

Alpha House from Amazon

Alpha House from Amazon

Alpha House is about four  incumbent senators that share a house in DC struggling to maintain their jobs. The theme is very current, and politicos (like me) should enjoy this one.

Betas, a comedy about three Silicon Valley techies that have created an app and need an investor.




In what is probably a brilliant survival strategy Netflix has come up with their own original content.  Recent notables include House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.  These are TV network quality series, not short online skits. Netflix can now be considered a network of it’s own.



Speaking of short online skits, Yahoo has a lot of these. I use Yahoo as my home-page and come across these while reading the news. A couple of my favorites include The Flip Side and Burning Love. These are entertaining and run just a few minutes long.



In a previous post I’e also mentioned YouTube Originals. While researching for this post I was surprised to read that  YouTube may have killed it’s Original Channels Initiative.  As stated in the tubefilter article  the original landing page does indeed return a 404 error. Only Google can get away with that right?

TheAsylumNet: One of 85 paid YouTube channels.

TheAsylumNet: One of 85 paid YouTube channels.

Although the “Original Channels” may have vanished the YouTube paid channels are still there – 85 of them. Some of these are extremely niche looking – lots of foreign, horror, and educational content. The fact that  YouTube lets anyone with 10,000+ subscribers to create their own paid channel probably adds to the fun. Some have questioned the entire business model of paid YouTube channels and I tend to side with them. There is just too much similar but free competition on the web.



I  know about this one because they contacted me via an email to discuss cord cutting.  Video clips tend to be short and news oriented, like this one about poverty along the US/Mexican border. There is also a section called Super Zips, with videos on the order of one minute. These are interesting but several started out with a video advertisement leading to an extremely high ad to content ratio. I don’t think that’s going to work. None the less, this is a good site for news junkies.


This is ultra-local content, an online channel from the San Diego Union Tribune.  Unlike the others this is both online and on Cable.  The premise of “The Queue” looks interesting: ” Host Melissa Austria searches the web for the best videos – so you don’t have to.” I haven’t checked but I’d suspect other struggling newspapers across the country are ramping up video content as well.



Do you have your own favorite OTT sites? Let me know in the comments below.

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