Plan A: Roku , Netflix and Off-air TV


I called DirecTV and canceled the service. I asked them turn it off by Jan 31. Meanwhile I have already ordered the following items.

A multi-directional antenna. I chose the inexpensive Antennas Direct DB2 model available on Amazon and many other sites for about $34. I live in San Diego and and according to (an excellent resource) this unit should be capable of pulling in most of the San Diego off-air stations.

Because I still have older model TV’s without built-in digital tuners, I purchased two Access HD
Converter boxes, about $35. I noticed his box got good reviews on Walmart’s website.

I also ordered a Roku, the basic model which costs only around $60 from the Roku website. I chose this to get Netflix. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews that identify the Roku as an inexpensive, and simple method of getting Netflix.

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