Reality TV for Foodies – and it’s streaming

A recent tip from Kevin pointed me to Forekast, an aggregator site of “world vents”, that can  be anything of “global interest” , e.g. sports, TV shows, holidays…. Some of the listings are streaming, some not. (Thanks for the tip Kevin).

Scanning through the upcoming listings I came upon Feedback Kitchen, a streaming series set to start tomorrow featuring Mario Batali.

I’ve always appreciated content that demands little attention, and presents little stress to the viewer. I guess that’s why I like things like the Golf Channel and the food network. (I think Chopped is the best food contest show ever made – full Chopped episodes  here).

Feedback Kitchen looks like the kind of program you could watch while drinking a glass of wine, and having a totally separate conversation with your friends on the side.

Let’s see where it goes…

Feedback Kitchen – Teaser Trailer by FeedbackKitchen


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