Roku agrees: Don’t buy a “smart” TV


Well Kind of. In this interview with Roku’ s CEO Anthony Wood, he comments that TV’s with built in Hulu, Netflix, etc won’t be able to keep up with ever changing content and services, and will drive people to want a new TV every few years. He missed the opportunity to point out how using Roku and a non-smart TV would be a lot better investment as I have in my recent post on the same topic.

You don't need that smart TV.

Wood goes on to explain that software updates alone will not be enough to add new features like Angry Birds, a recent addition to the Roku.

Another point made is that while  Boxee is aimed at Cord Cutters, Roku is  instead intended to be a complementary add-on service.

I wonder. Could it be really that Roku doesn’t want to ruffle the feathers of content providers? Do that and you might find high level resistance to licensing content.

You can learn more about “Smart TV” or “Internet TV” here Internet TV 101


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2 Responses to Roku agrees: Don’t buy a “smart” TV

  1. bob says:

    I have 2 rokus and love them, but you can’t surf the web with it, you can with a smart tv. I have a google logitech revue and can surf the web on my tv. There are a lot of sites that stream video that you can’t get on the roku.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the feedback Bob. Is google logitech revue built into your TV? Which model is your TV? Do you have true browser capability, i.e. you can go to any site on the internet?

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