San Diego Chargers to Black Out Week 3

Just read this over at and I’m pissed. This goes beyond cord cutting issues. You can apparently subscribe to DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Dish and even AT&T’s crummy U-verse and still not get to see week 3 of  the Chargers if you live in SoCal.

As far as I know you have three choices here:

1. Pay $79+ for a ticket and attend.

2. Drive somewhere out of the market and watch it. Yuma AZ anyone?

3. Catch it with an illegal bootleg streaming service.

I hate to recommend # 3, but this black out thing just doesn’t make sense does it? The question is how many additional attendees will be at the game because they couldn’t get it on TV. Going to the game live is such a huge commitment I just bet that number is tiny.

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4 Responses to San Diego Chargers to Black Out Week 3

  1. Ryan says:

    That does suck. I have never really had to deal with blackouts in Chicago. If they end up selling more tickets before Sunday’s game will they lift the blackout?

    • admin says:

      It’s hard to say. Sometimes when they are close we get a last minute reprieve. We’re used to this though. San Diego is not your hard core football crowd like in the midwest. We have too many other distractions year round.

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