Side Benefit of Cable Cutting : Learning Spanish


Here in the  San Diego market there is a lot of content available in Spanish coming from Tijuana.  Check out the Yahoo TV Guide shown below for today’s listings. Out of 19 programs 7 of them are in Spanish. My list includes the UCSD channel, which may be in English, but I don’t receive it because it’s still in Analog.

FOX 6 Paid programming English
FOX 6.1 Paid Programming English
CBS 8.1 Atlantic 10 Basketball English
ABC 10.1 SEC Basketball English
XEWT 12 Lucha Libre Spanish
PBS 15.1 The Amen Solution: Thinner, Smarter, Happier English
PBS 15.2 Oppenheimer Presenta Spanish
KBNT 17 Vidas Paraelelas Spanish
KBNTHD 17.1 Vidas Paralelas Spanish
XHAS 33 Futbol Mexicano Spanish
UCSD 35 Environmentalism: Control to Partnership English
XDTV 36.3 American Health Journal Spanish
KNSDHD 39.1 NHL Hockey English
NBC+ 39.3 Skiing English
KZSD 41 Futbol Mexicano Spanish
KUSI-DT 51.1 Brother Bear 2 English
XHUAA 57 Mas Deporte Spanish
KSWBHD 69.1 The 10 English
ANTEN 69.2 Gidget English
THIS 69.3 What’s New, Pussycat? English

Now I’m not complaining. Learning Spanish has always been a hobby for me. Tuning in to one of the racy Soap Operas from Mexico is a great way to develop your skills. Buena Suerte Amigos!

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